Teach Children Yoga & Mindfulness with Asanakids

Mindfulness is a key concept for health and wellbeing in the 21st century.  We're all aware that we should be more mindful in our lives, concentrating on the task in hand rather than letting our all too busy minds run away with every thought that passes.  The general busyness that surrounds us every minute of the day is overwhelming, often debilitating, and can make us sluggish and even ill.

But what about our kids?  Young children are naturally mindful, absorbed in the task in hand, focussed on the insect they are watching, the picture they are drawing or the way the clouds move across the sky.  However, as they get older this natural absorption begins to diminish and the busy, overwhelming adult world impinges more and more on their consciousness.  They might also find themselves overwhelmed by feelings of stress, anxiety and anger, for a variety of reasons.

As with adults, all of this stress and negativity manifests in a child's body in the shape of tension and pain, it can cause illness, and can block the child's energy or chi.  This can be countered by the practice of yoga, a practice even the youngest children can begin and benefit from.

But as practitioners know, there is far more to yoga than just the poses, or asanas.

David Santas, a father and entrepreneur with a passion for yoga, has created a fun new children's board game called Asanakids.  Originally created for his young son, the game is designed to encourage children to begin the practice of yoga and conscious mindfulness, and to aim high from the earliest age.

This fun game is designed to help teach children aged 4-10 about yoga and mindfulness.  Suitable for 1-6 players, the objective of the game is to work together to help a princess overcome her bad feelings.  The game encourages co-operative play as parents and kids work together to help the princess deal with her feelings before they block her chakras.

To play the game, players roll the dice, draw cards and unlock special chakra tokens.  Along the way they will learn different yoga poses (suitable for beginners up) and breathing exercises and technique which will help children - and their parents - in day to day life.

As well a being fun and beautifully deigned with watercolour paintings and mandalas, the game also encourages concentration, memory skills and emotional intelligence.  It even promotes fitness, strength and flexibility by way of the poses.  The yoga poses will help the princess, and the child, to encourage the flow of positive feelings and elimination of negative ones.

The objective of the game is ostensibly helping the princess with her feelings, but it will undoubtedly open up conversations with children about their own negative feelings and experiences, as well as giving them the skills to cope with future problems and emotions.  Practices such as teaching children to breathe before acting, and how to recognize and express their feelings are invaluable tools for robust mental health in the future.

With Asanakids we will be equipping the next generation with the mindfulness, healthy habits and resources they need for a healthier, stronger future.

Click here to find out more about Asanakids and to subscribe to the kickstarter campaign.

You can find out more about the game's designer, David Santas, and his company Sigil of Dreams, here.

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