How Early Orthodontics Can Boost Your Child’s Confidence

Early orthodontics: it’s a bit of a mouthful, TBH – but stay with us, because if your child has a mouthful of crooked teeth, it’s something that could really help them, now and in the future.

Early orthodontics is the latest approach to teeth straightening. Modern and minimally invasive, it’s also super-logical. Traditionally, orthodontic treatment is carried out during the teen years – but with an early orthodontic assessment at around the age of 7, treatment can be scheduled for pre-teens. And this is where the benefits really shine through:

Problems identified early are easier to rectify. Early orthodontic treatments use gentle methods that create space for adult teeth to come through in the right place – rather than waiting for them to come in, and then trying to straighten them.

Treatment can be carried out while the jaw is still soft and pliable. Before our jaw bone fuses at around the age of 14, it is much easier to manipulate gently – ideal if your child has a bite problem. Applying orthodontics once the jaw has fused often requires much more lengthy treatment with braces, and even extractions or jaw surgery in serious cases.

Treatment is gentle. Depending on the individual case, an early orthodontic treatment might involve wearing an appliance such as a retainer or a space maintainer, either moving teeth gently into the best position before new ones come through, or preventing them from shifting and moving into spaces created by missing baby teeth.

Early orthodontics is great for little ones. Whereas teenagers can feel very self-conscious or resistant about wearing braces, younger patients are often more willing to undergo a gentle treatment at around the age of 9-12 years old. And when they know it may well prevent the need for train tracks in their teens, it is usually easy to get children on board with the idea.

Not every child will need early orthodontics – but the best way to be sure is with an assessment at around the age of 7. This isn’t something that general dentists offer, but at a practice like Happy Kids Dental, which has an in-house paediatric team, early orthodontics comes as standard. Led by a consultant orthodontist in London, their team treats both children and adults with the latest teeth straightening systems – so the whole family can benefit from their amazing experience and state-of-the-art facilities.

Want to know if your child could benefit from early orthodontics? Call Happy Kids Dental on 020 7078 0822 or visit to book an early orthodontic assessment.

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