Sennheiser MOMENTUM Free Headphones Review

Are you enjoying the sunshine?  Steve and I are on a bit of a power walking mission at the moment, going for a fast dash along the sea front each evening.  And as everyone knows, nothing keeps your pace up like some great music.  We've been trying out the new MOMENTUM Free Wireless Bluetooth Headphones, and love them.

With 6 hours battery time, the compact MOMENTUM Free offers superb wireless hi-fi sound, thanks to Bluetooth 4.2 and Qualcomm® apt-X™.  The compact but luxurious ergonomic design makes it a great fit and, with an integrated microphone, it is the perfect companion for the mobile lifestyle, whether exercising, commuting, shopping or at home.

The earpieces give a snug, secure fit and block out a lot of ambient noise, while the stainless steel in-ear sound tunnels channel sound from the high quality dynamic speaker system without losing any of the quality.  They really do offer outstanding sound quality, with powerful bass, an expansive soundstage and detailed vocal.  Every note and instrument is clearly defined, and there is no perceptible bass resonance when listening to voice or music, which is a joy.  They are superb for playing back podcasts or video too.

The MOMENTUM Free also communicates seamlessly with your smartphone.  The excellent microphone means you can make phone calls without missing a step.  You can even connect two devices at once should you so desire, for the ultimate convenience.  Communication has never been so easy!  And with Bluetooth 4.2 there's not a single blip or crackle to contend with.

The small box below the right earpiece contains the mic and the music playback and volume controls.  A short press on the button adjusts the volume, a longer one skips tracks, while tapping the middle button pauses music while you answer a call, and then plays again.  Delightfully easy to use, and perfect if you are working and don't want to miss a thing.

Style is paramount with stainless steel design and chrome accents making them possibly the most stylish headphones around.  My only criticism is that the cable seems unnecessarily long, just remove the slack with the integral cable tie when at the gym or running to keep the cable neatly out of the way.  I love that the earpieces are magnetic so they join together to wear around your neck when not in use, or you can store them in the attractive case.

The MOMENTUM Free are great for using when out and about as they are fantastic at combatting the noise of a busy street, they are comfortable to wear, and offer excellent low frequency sound with all the clarity and richness of great hi-fi.  Perfect for the mobile lifestyle, and one of the best-sounding headphones in their class.  A welcome addition to Sennheiser's superb collection, and perfect for listening to the next England victory whether you're at home or out and about..

The MOMENTUM Free Headphones retail at £169.99

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