The Easy Way We Got £7000 This Year

We could all do with a bit more money, for a holiday, for a great Christmas perhaps, or simply to pay the bills.  How would you like to get £500, £1000 or even, like us, £7000 for very little effort?  What would you do with a handy windfall like that?

If you've ever had a loan, credit card, store card, catalogue account or mortgage (that's all of us then!), there is a chance you were mis-sold PPI. You may not have even been asked about it as sometimes it was just added to your account automatically. Now, there are dozens of companies out there who will charge you a significant percentage of any repayment to handle your claim for you.  They've probably been on your phone endlessly!

BUT there is a way to make a claim, and to check all of your old accounts, easily & FOR FREE.

Whether you have the paperwork pertaining to your account or not, whether you remember anything about the PPI or not, whether you even have the account number, it doesn't matter. There will be no impact on your credit file, no complicated forms to fill out, and no hassle whatsoever. Best of all, you get to keep all of the money yourself if you are owed any.

Just head over to the Which? website and scroll down to this point:

Use the clickdown menu to choose a provider then click Start Your Claim.

After this you will be asked for some basic details, including the product you are claiming about.  If you are not sure, just click the Don't Know box.

After that you need to fill in your name, address etc and then submit your claim.  It really is that simple!

Neither of us could remember what we had, so I did mine and Steve's for all providers (you will need to do each one individually, and for each person), and it took me less than an hour altogether.

That was back at the beginning of May, and so far we have received cheques for just over £7000!

The actual PPI amounts we paid out were minimal, but with all the interest - one for a credit card Steve had when he was 19! - it really adds up.

Whether you think you have paid for PPI or not, whether you can remember your account details or not, or even the providers you have had accounts with, spend some time this evening making your claims - you may be pleasantly surprised!

The deadline for claims is August 2019, so start your claim today!

By the way, no-one asked me to write this and I have no affiliation with Which?  I just thought it might help you.  Good luck!

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