An Unschooled Day

It's the end of another busy day, and you have finally all given in and gone to sleep.  Eternally telling us how tired you are but how desperately you want to cling on to wakefulness for one last story/cuddle/chat.

The Three Musketeers

Today was a 'quiet day at home', a day of tents and tea parties.  A day of making elaborate tissue paper flowers and smothering them with beautiful fragrant oils, before putting them in vases and plant pots to surprise daddy with.  A day of dolls and LEGO and cutting and sticking, drawing and designing.

There was running and jumping and shouting and arguing, but also quiet cuddles and gentle moments.  How my soul leaps when I hear you telling each other "I love you" for no particular reason.  I try to work a little, but it down to watch you play and listen to your conversations.  My heart sings.

Raucous laughter until the tears run down your cheeks.  Baking, reading, drawing, reading, two films and re-watching current favourite documentaries again (animals and Holbein representing your eclectic interests).  None of this is written down or planned, it takes your fancy so we do it.

There were hair slides and dresses, at least three changes of clothes, outfits planned for another more elaborate tea party tomorrow.  Trying on each other's shoes and clothes, a hint of the teenagers you will become.  And endless laughter and fun, amongst the squabbles!

The story of your dolls, all with their own elaborate back stories and histories, moves on another exciting chapter.  Storylines and character motivations are mapped out so strongly they put Hollywood to shame.

Like Cosette, you play the day away and soon it will be night.  Endless days, full of fun and laughter and doing as you please.  I hope you will remember so much of this, your freedom, your happiness.  I treasure every moment.

Night night my precious, beautiful babies.  I love you.

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