How to Live Better This September

September always feels like more of a new start to me than January does.  I guess it's a hangover from school and university, compounded by more than a decade teaching.  As the evenings get darker, I'm all over the planners and recipe books, busily meal planning and making changes to life and our daily and weekly rhythms.  Are you the same?

In theory, summer is all about fresh vegetables and salads, but by the end of all those busy weeks we're as likely to be reaching for the fast food and take-aways as whipping up some wonderful platter of rainbow veg.  Ditto all the self care and health routines, not to mention fitness - who wants to work out when it's so darn hot?!

The outcome is lethargy, low energy, lacklustre skin, and perhaps even the first cold of the season.  Yuck.

Here's how to feel better this September:

1. It's time to embrace better eating, perhaps trying something new like a more plant-based diet, cutting back on wheat for a while, or trying the paleo diet.

2. Or are you wondering how to deal with allergy cooking and not sure where to start?

3. How about a detox to kick-start your new healthy living lifestyle?  A new fitness routine?

4. Perhaps you've been thinking about using essential oils or making your own natural beauty products?

But where to start?  Hours spent online finding great resources, or an epic shopping spree at the bookshop or on Amazon?

How about everything you could possibly need to start a new healthy lifestyle for the new season for less than $30?

Yep everything you need to get fit and healthy for less than the price of a not-so-healthy takeaway!!

The Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle is a collection of resources for people who want to design a new healthy lifestyle for themselves and their family.

UHLB2018 Sales Video from Ultimate Bundles on Vimeo.

With guides for healthy pregnancy through parenting and kids to specific diets and lots of resources for self-care and wellbeing, this bundle is the perfect way to change your life for the better.

Plus it has 97% off - $2235.92 worth of resources for just $29.97!!!

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