A New Way to Win the Battle of the Brush

Do your children merrily skip to the bathroom morning and night to brush their teeth thoroughly?  In Topsy and Tim world maybe, but in the real world brushing children's teeth can often be a drama that would put the plot of EastEnders to shame!

Brushing children's teeth is tricky for everyone, and many of us brace ourselves for a brushing battle every single day.  But what if you could convince your toddler to tickle their teeth instead?  New product Ticklish Teeth could be the perfect solution to your tooth brushing dramas.

Combining a motion sensitive, giggling toothbrush with a beautifully illustrated, educational picture book for children learning to brush their teeth, Ticklish Teeth will beat the tooth brush battle for good!

The clever brush detects positive tooth brushing motion and starts giggling as the child brushes.  Children are calmed and distracted by the book, then delighted by the brush which makes them giggle too.

Ticklish Teeth was invented by a frustrated dad who wanted to find a way to help his young son come to terms with having his teeth brushed.  After a slightly mortifying visit to the dentist where a build up of plaque was detected, Clint wanted to find a way to make tooth brushing more tolerable for his son.

He combined their two favourite pastimes, reading books together and tickling, to create the prototype of Ticklish Teeth in his shed.  Clint's son loved that his teeth giggled each time he brushed (or tickled) them, and loved the funny poem that became the basis of the book.  Overnight he became a tooth brushing convert, happy to sit on dad's knee to read the book and brush his teeth.

"I'd recommend it to people who had problems
getting their kids to brush their teeth."

Eloise, parent

Relieved, Clint began to tell other parents about his success and Ticklish Teeth was born.  Developed under the guidance of dentists and dental academics, the combination of brush and book helps children to understand why they need to brush, and how to brush their teeth correctly.

We love the 'low-fi' element of Ticklish Teeth - no smartphone required! - just an ergonomic brush which children find easy to manoeuvre and the incentive of a fun giggling brush to make them laugh.  An accelerometer within the brush detects positive brushing motion and starts giggling.  If the child stops brushing or bites the brush, the giggling stops.

"I like that it giggled."

Rosa, age 5

Following trials with real families, Ticklish Teeth has now launched and has proved popular with children and parents alike.  Plus the calming combination of reading the book and brushing teeth with mum or dad is the ideal transition to bedtime.

Designed to help young children learn and understand good oral hygiene practices, Ticklish Teeth teaches good brushing techniques at a crucial stage of child development, instilling good practices for life.

Tooth decay is the most prevalent chronic disease affecting children worldwide, according to the World Health Organisation.  Many children face tooth extractions and even hospital treatment for something that could easily be prevented with better oral hygiene.

Ticklish Teeth has been launched on Kickstarter for a great value price and will remain inexpensive and affordable for most families.  However, realising that some families may not be able to afford the product, Clint has partnered with oral health charity Dentaid.  As part of this, 5% of all books and brushes manufactured will be donated for distribution to families in need.

If you would like to say goodbye to the Battle of the Brush, then sign up to get a Ticklish Teeth set for your child here:

Sign up for early access to the product via Kickstarter here.

You can also get a free download of the Ticklish Teeth ebook here.

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