Christmas Gifts for Partners (with a difference)

If you’ve been paying attention to the weather lately, you’ll have noticed that the summer long UK heatwave has now well and truly given way to cold wintery mornings and dark frosty evenings. That means only one thing. Christmas is coming! With three little tykes more or less sorted (on paper), and a house full of cats expecting treats (not to mention the long list of in-laws, friends, relatives, co-workers, neighbours, school teachers … the butcher … the baker … the candlestick maker!), it’s time I turned my attentions to hubby’s gift. I’ve found some brilliant and unusual gift ideas for partners.

Themed Precious Coins

Golden Eagle Coins offers a range of highly collectable design choices, ranging from Disney pieces and rocket themed coins to animal motifs, valuable historic coins and stand out commemorative options. Get your potential retirement fund off to a great start with a collection of valuable coins – and if your partner is anything like my husband and his love of all things geeky and sci-fi, you’re sure to be able to start the perfect themed collection to suit them down to the ground. I particularly like this idea because the gift ideas for future celebrations are endless!

Credit Card Sized Phone Charger

These brilliantly designed practical devices are becoming more and more popular - and for good reason. Most us have given or received a portable phone charger at some point. They’re a common sticking filler for almost any occasion. The only trouble is that they aren’t always necessarily the easiest things to carry around with you (most are larger than the actual phone!). However, these much smaller units are compact enough to take up a single slot in a wallet or purse. Yes, you won’t get as many charges – around 3 or 4, if you’re lucky – but that’s better than the zero charges you’re currently getting from your old portable charger that’s in a forgotten drawer at home somewhere.

Selfie Drone

New on the scene for this year’s list of gift-giving ‘must haves’ is the selfie drone. Easily control the drone from your smartphone and take lots of fun family pics from the air. The selfie drone certainly offers something different to the usual social media arm-length selfie snaps. With a range of roughly 40 metres and enough flight time per charge to take all the important shots you need from your day out, this handy little gadget is a fantastic stocking filler for anybody who loves to say “cheese!”.

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