Updating Your Lingerie Drawer for Winter 2018

It's getting colder so many of you will be busy buying winter coats, gloves, scarves, and maybe even thermal underwear.  With the party season just around the corner now is a great time to update your lingerie drawer too.

Thinking ahead to the new season you're going to need something stylish but comfortable to wear under your special dress (LBD anyone?). The right lingerie to wear under jumpers and lacy dresses or tops is essential too, if you want to look your best.

This is the perfect time to go underwear shopping as the bigger retailers like Fashion World will have just finished updating their range.  Shop now and you'll get the best level of choice.  So, with this in mind, here is a quick roundup of the biggest winter 2018 lingerie trends.

Lace bralets

If you are small busted enough, lace bralets will make a beautiful addition to your lingerie drawer. They are lightweight, pretty and very feminine. Plus, because they are made from very fine lace you can wear them under virtually anything.

Bodysuits and teddies

It has been a while since bodysuits were widely available. This is partly because they are not the most practical item of lingerie. Going to the toilet in one is a bit of a challenge, but there is a knack to it according to Cosmopolitan.  So forget the '80s and don't let that put you off buying one.

Bodysuits and teddies give you the support you need without creating about any ugly bulges. They are fantastic for wearing under sheer fabrics as there is no bra line to ruin your stylish, classy look.

'Bondage' styling

Just like last year, this looks set to be a big trend with retailers offering bras that feature multiple straps.  These look great as well as offering a much better level of support than single strap bras do. However, do make sure you buy the correct back and cup size so the straps don't dig in.  Tight straps mean multiple bulges and your tops and dresses will probably not hang properly.

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Get the right fit

Over the course of just a few months your body can change shape quite a bit.  So it makes sense to measure yourself properly before going shopping.  Even though re-measuring yourself every time you go lingerie shopping is a bit of a pain, it really is worth doing.  It means that you will not have to try on too many items to find something that fits.

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