Share Your Photos with Far Away Family with Neveo

How often do you share photos with grandparents and wider family who aren't online?  We take so many photos of the girls and what we're doing, but my mum rarely sees them as she doesn't go online.  When we visit I try to remember to show them to her on the camera or the laptop, but it's not ideal.  A new service offers a monthly magazine album to keep relatives up to date with what you've been doing.

When you don't have access to Facebook or even email, keeping up with what grandchildren are doing when they live far away is difficult.  The monthly update from Neveo is a monthly family journal where you can add details to photos, telling the story of days out, milestones and events, sharing those precious memories across the miles.

The Neveo app and website help you to collate a collection of up to 100 photos each month which will then be turned into a magazine-style album and posted to your loved ones.  Fill in as much detail as you like to share your news and memories, and send the album to one or more lucky recipient.

Grandparents will look forward to this monthly instalment of your news and a little insight into your family's life, in addition to the usual phone calls and visits.  You can even invite other members of the family to contribute their photos, for example aunts, uncles and cousins.  This way the grandparents could have all the family memories in one place.

The website and app are easy to use and you can quickly put together a monthly album for family or friends.  Just be careful with the text you upload as it will be printed exactly as you write it.  I rather wish I had added more detail to our captions, but there's always next month!

When it arrives, the album is A4 size, printed on good quality paper with a gloss finish.  The photos look great and it is a lovely keepsake to have a whole month's memories together.  You could even use the service to create a monthly album for your child to look back on as they get older.

A Neveo subscription would be a lovely gift for grandparents or farflung relatives.  A monthly album with up to 100 photos per month costs £14.99, a 50 photo version costs £9.99, but sign up now for a 99p trial album.  And buy an annual subscription to get 12 months for the price of 9.

You can see more about how it works here:

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