7 Ways with Pancakes for Shrove Tuesday

This year seems a little more relaxed than last year, partly because Easter is so late.  Instead of  Valentine's Day and Shrove Tuesday being crowded together, they are nicely spaced out.  But Lent begins next week, with Shrove Tuesday or Pancake Day falling on Tuesday 5th March.  Are you ready to whip up those pancakes?

We were recently treated to a range of pancakes and topping possibilities from M&S and have had lots of fun creating some interesting combinations - although Tatiana's lemon juice, chocolate sauce and Greek yogurt was not terribly successful...

M&S has everything you need to create some amazing and delicious pancakes for breakfast, lunch, snack, dinner or dessert.

We love the new range of British conserves made from quintessentially British ingredients.  Choose from Rhubarb, Raspberry & Rose with English Timperley rhubarb and Scottish raspberries; or Blackberry Bramble & Gin, full of sweet and fruit British blackberries and the delicate zest of London Dry Gin.

Or why not try the range of sweet sauces that would be just as at home on puddings and ice cream as they are on pancakes.  We love the zesty Lemon, Gin & Tonic sauce - who would say no to a G&T option for breakfast?!  While the girls were all over the Belgian chocolate and sticky toffee sauces.  SO good.

For many of us working mums, time is always tight, and getting home form work or school to whip up dozens of pancakes may be the last thing we need!  Luckily, M&S have us covered with their range of ready-made pancakes.

Choose from large sweet pancakes, just pop them in a pan and they're as good as homemade in a minute, or the packs of smaller fluffier pancakes, including golden syrup, buttermilk, chocolate chip and gluten-free versions.

Here are our seven creations...

1. Lovely thin pancakes topped with Lemon, Gin & Tonic Sauce and fresh raspberries.

Me: "Mmm, gin & tonic for breakfast - yum!"

2. Hot sweet pancakes topped with Greek yogurt, berries and Butterscotch Sauce.

3. Traditional: thin pancakes fresh from the pan with fresh lemon juice and sprinkling of sugar.

4. Chocolate Chip Pancakes with Belgian Chocolate Sauce.

Tatiana: "Mmm, these are so delicious.  Mummy, I love the chocolate sauce.  Can I squirt some straight in my mouth and drink it?"

5. Buttermilk pancakes with Blackberry Bramble & Gin Conserve.

Steve: "These are great.  We'll buy this [conserve] again."

6. Fluffy Chocolate Chip Pancakes with sweet and sticky Toffee Sauce.

7. Golden Syrup Pancake with Greek yogurt, berries and Sticky Toffee Sauce.

What will you make this Pancake Day?

All products are available from M&S stores nationwide.

Prices start at £1.80 for the conserves and £2 for the sauces and pancakes.

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