Our Unschooled Week #48

So much for my 'I'm getting back to this for sure' attitude a fortnight ago!  I completely lost track of last week, so have tried to be more diligent this week making a few notes each day and trying to take more photos.

I don't have a decent point and click at the moment and find carrying my DSLR about everywhere too much effort sometimes.  But it does mean I miss out on taking random photos of the girls and whatever we're up to.  Must find compromise!


Last Sunday my dear friend Charlotte, a fellow Moscow alumnus, visited for the day.  Having had several days of glorious warm sunshine, Sunday was rather grey and cloudy alas, but we still managed a picnic in the playground, and a visit to the nearby village of Bosham in the afternoon.

And of course, clouds can never stop ice cream eating and al fresco tea drinking!  Back at home, Lara managed to convince Auntie Charlotte to have her nails painted and I got a pedicure too - well half of one anyway!  Still waiting for the other half to be done, so I may look a little odd...

On Monday Steve took Sophia and Tatiana to the beach for a while where they searched for fossils, flints and any rocks that may be remnants of ancient tools.

Tatiana came back with one stone that had been fashioned to hold in the hand as a tool.  It must have been sharp once but had been worn away by the sea.  And another flint that bore the marks of carving or hacking.  The stone with the notches on it is quite flat so was perhaps used as a kind of chopping board for another tool to work on to.

Lara stayed at home with me to play some games and take photos of the cats!

Mulan is a big thing at the moment and lots of enquiries about Chinese culture so we watched the BBC documentary Silent Odyssey in the afternoon and did some more research on Chinese geography.  The documentary follows the length of the Great Wall all the way from the Yellow Sea to the Gobi Desert and is a fascinating one to watch if you haven't seen it already.

We've covered lots of Chinese life, culture and history over the past few weeks form sitting on the floor and using chopsticks to Mongol invasion, Communism and the Boxer Rebellion.  I love that all three girls are equally interested in it all.  No danger of being told "we don't do that in Year X" here!

On Tuesday, Tatiana continued creating her museum with fossils from the beach, 'ancient' pieces of wood she has found and other bits and pieces.  Lara was on a big LEGO building craze and Sophia joined in with either or as she felt like it.  She also made a meal plan and shopping list for next week, although she chose to dictate most of it after getting a little frustrated with the amount of writing involved.

On Wednesday, the girls' Godmother came round to play, then we walked into town to a half-term After School Club meeting where we had lunch and the girls made crafts and played with old and new friends.  Everyone was quite exhausted by the time we got home!

Thursday was a fairly quiet day, much of it spent creating new board games and establishing the rules and objectives of the games.  Tatiana continued working on her museum, cataloguing the artefacts and drawing pictures to illustrate the history of her exhibits. tools + notches on flint surface

Friday and Saturday have whizzed by as we get ready for Lara's birthday on Monday and catch up with all sorts of things.  A trip out in the fresh air to blow away the cobwebs was most welcome!

Until next week, L

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