Our Unschooled Week(s) #47

I really, really need to revive this!  I stopped doing them last summer when we were far more interested in getting outside from morning to night rather than doing anything else, and haven't started up again!

I couldn't possible give a rundown of the past months, which have passed in the usual whirlwind of days out, groups, activities at home, learning and having lots and lots of fun.  The girls are, of course, growing far too fast but remain their crazy, adorable selves.

In the past few weeks we have had several concerts (excise the messy kitchen!) and plays performed.  Lara is in charge of hair and make-up as well as being the director.  The other two (mostly) do as they're told and perform beautifully.

Lara remains set on her ambition of becoming a famous Hollywood make-up artist, but may have a side line in paleontology and archaeology, yet to be decided.

While Sophia has put her vicar ambitions on the back burner at the moment and may go travelling first or join Tatiana in training to become a firefighter.  Busy lives ahead!

After a few weeks of January laid low by irritating labyrinthitis, it has been good for me to get back to relative normality in February.  We have started going out more, but still have time for plenty of home comforts too, with fierce Ludo matches and lots of cat snuggling being staples of our week.

Living in the UK's sunshine hot-spot and being protected by both the South Downs and Selsey Bill, we have very little snow.  But we did get a smattering for a day this month so the girls were outside most of the day with the neighbours' kids creating miniature snowmen and throwing snowballs.

Then back indoors to warm up with hot chocolate and movies, and a snack tray of last Christmas leftovers put together by Tatia.

This week we popped up to my mum's for a short break and did lots of walking.  We managed to find a few clumps of snowdrops and crocuses in the woods, such a delightful reminder that spring is on its way!

The cold did get a little much in the end though, so we repaired back sharpish to snuggle under a duvet watching Winterwatch on catch up.  We're studying habitats at the moment, so this is perfect!

Until next week, Lx

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