Our Unschooled Fortnight #50

Hello!  Another two weeks have gone by in a flash - how does that work?!  The girls get bigger and bigger and time seems to fly by ever quicker.

The clouds seem to have come in again, but at least it's a bit warmer.  We have been to the beach a few times and a couple of playgrounds, but no big days out yet.  Maybe this week...

After school club was fun, especially as Jacqui had bought a huge pack of different Play-Doh colours.  Lara is creating more and more detailed things these days, and spent ages fashioning this gardener planting seeds.

Sophia made a fox and gingerbread man while recounting the story.  I love the detail on the fox's face.

Lara's next project was a footballer, here near complete.

While Tatia and her friend were intently working on elaborate pizza creations.

Steve and Lara have been at loggerheads a lot recently, so I was pleased to get this photo of them working on something together.  A bit more co-operation and understanding needed on both sides there, I think.

Sophia and I headed up to Crawley to see "Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat", which we both loved.  Head over here for our review of the show.

On one of the sunnier days we went to a lovely playground in Maidenhead which has a great sand pit where the girls always find new friends to play with.  Most of the parents are amazed that they bring extra buckets and spades in case someone doesn't have one to play with.

There was some serious design thinking going into their creations, with moats, drawbridges, portcullis etc.  We've watched a couple of documentaries and read some books on castles recently, I think it must have been definitely going in!

Back at home, we went to Southampton to see a touring production of "The Cat in the Hat".  The girls liked the cafe which had various toys and books.  Great opportunity to do a quick bit of maths for Lara.  "Mummy ask me some sums."  (Love how unschooled kids see learning as fun and find opportunities everywhere!)

I remember Lara's answer when asked what she'll do instead of going to school:

"We'll be going to play group, soft play, shops, playgrounds, nature places, our friend people's houses, reading, making things, and learning at home and everywhere really. Just like we always do."

The show was great fun, with the girls favourites definitely being Thing 1 and Thing 2 who were hilarious.  We all loved the acrobatics, and our children can't have been the only ones exploring feats of balance and agility at home in the days afterwards!

You can read our review of "The Cat in the Hat" here.

Until next time x

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