Our Unschooled Week #49

We've just had a wonderful week's holiday to celebrate Lara's 9th birthday.  With visits to Peppa Pig World at Paulton's Park and the girls' favourite farm, plus various other adventures, we all had a wonderful time.

The sun shone, most of the time, so we spent lots of time outdoors which was a welcome relief after what seems like a long winter of being cooped up inside.

Peppa Pig World is still Lara's favourite place and she smiles more there than anywhere else.  The other two love it too, especially with the new rides.  Which reminds me, I must write a PPW guide sometime soon!

With far too many late nights and early mornings, Sophia was rather tired.  But after a cuddle or two she was back in there with her crazy sisters.

Lara loved her mountain of presents, mostly vintage Sindy furniture, L.O.L. Surprise and Sylvanian Families, plus assorted other bits and bobs.

Cake time!

And playing with all her new toys...

Sophia and Tatiana loved meeting the resident squirrel mascots, and getting up on the dance floor!

Tatia was delighted to win a pirate set in for one of the dance offs - although she does make a very serious pirate!

We've been going to the same farm since Lara and Sophia were tiny, and they still love it there.

Nibbles the guinea pig.

Tatiana adores the goats, like her mama, and was delighted to get in lots of hugs and kisses.  Although she did lose a coat toggle...

A great week.  Happy birthday, Lara!

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