Our Unschooled Week #51

Well that was a fortnight we'd rather not repeat!  Half fine, the other half all but Lara laid low with norvirus - yuck.

We started off the first Sunday pottering about at home not doing a great deal.  The girls had been sent some products to review so enjoyed unboxing and de-furring their new L.O.L. Surprise Fuzzy Pets.

Next it was some fun kits from National Geographic, unearthing gem stones and shark teeth.

They all loved these and the shark teeth in particular prompted lots of self-directed learning, digging out every book we have on sharks to discover who's tooth was whose and finding out more about sharks in general.  It turned out one of the ones Tatiana had found was from an extinct species, so that prompted further investigation into prehistoric animals like saber-toothed tigers, woolly mammoths etc.

Lara enjoyed her gemstones too, remembering the gems we saw at the Natural History Museum last year and prompting a request to visit the Tower of London.

On Monday we headed over to Bournemouth to visit Great Granddad (Steve's granddad), preceded by some time on the beach.  It was a glorious spring day and really warm so we even braved the sea, which wasn't nearly as cold as you might expect - honest!

To get to the farm where Doug lives you pass Bournemouth airport where we could see planes taking off and landing, which fascinated Lara in particular:

"Right, I want to know everything about flying now!"

The girls loved wandering around the idyllic place where GG lives and hearing tales of his work on radar during the war and later on Concorde.  Still going strong at 94!

On Tuesday we headed up to Dorking to see Ben and Holly Live then stopped on the way back for a walk in the country, before spending the afternoon playing at home.

On Wednesday we spent time at the beach, then had a 'film night' complete with popcorn and sweeties.

On Thursday we went out for brunch, and then had a bit of a spend up of pocket money - how delighted is Tatia with her new glowing chest Catboy?!  In the afternoon we headed off to soft play, and Catboy big and small came too.

From Friday onwards we were all ill with hideous norovirus, starting with Tatiana.  She still hasn't completely recovered, poor thing.

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