Our Unschooled Week #54

A quiet week this week, relatively.  On Sunday we met up with the girls' Godparents to go for a lovely dog walk through the woods, then came home to do some painting and playing.

We didn't make it to church, so did some Bible study in the afternoon and talked about the events of Palm Sunday, then decorated our Easter tree.

The evening was dominated by the return of Sophia's beloved TV programme The Durrells.  She's still totally obsessed and madly in love with the slightly crazy family - echoes of her home life?!

On Monday, Tatiana and I made a quick trip to Sainsbury's, then came home to make Easter crowns and do some painting while we waited for our friends to arrive.  The girls love seeing their honorary cousins Lewis and Connor, and had a great time scooting at the sea front, picnicking in the playground, and playing at home.

On Tuesday we took a picnic up to the playground in Petworth then headed over to the gardens of Petworth House for an Easter egg hunt.

We found a cat first, quite a distraction as always!

Petworth is a National Trust property so they were running the Cadbury Easter egg hunt.  The trail involved using a compass and map to answer questions and follow the clues.

There were lots of wonderful trees to greet on our way round and beautiful spring flowers and shrubs to see.

After collecting our eggs we repaired to a bench for a tea break, where Sophia entertained us with her acting skills...

Then they decided to see if they could dig their way to Australia...

The outdoor crew made the most of everything in the park, from daffodils to dandelions, and met a handsome new friend.

On Wednesday I had another recurrence of irritating Labyrinthitis, so while Steve was at work the girls quietly played and drew pictures.  Apart from a couple of moments they were really good, and very thoughtful.

Thursday, with the weather getting better, the girls headed to the beach then spent ages playing outside with the neighbours' children.

Good Friday was a busy day with some Bible study, then a special After School Club morning where they did some crafts, and had an Easter egg hunt.  In the afternoon we headed to the beach then watched a documentary on King Henry VIII and his wives after dinner.

Today we took one look at the queues to go everywhere and opted to stay at home - we can get out in the sunshine next week when everyone else goes back to school!  Sophia wanted to crack open some geodes she had been sent in a geology kit, followed by Lara doing some dinosaur excavation.

Tatiana and I spent ages making a big tapas spread for lunch.  Lots of weighing and measuring, cooking/recipe language and instructions.  The demi chef loved it.

In the afternoon we sorted out our winter-neglected balcony and got the girls' water boat play set out, then had a lovely Easter afternoon tea in the sunshine.

Now it's time for dinner and The Lorax.  Hope you've had a lovely week x

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