Our Unschooled Week #55

What a week!  We started with Easter and ended on holiday, with Peppa Pig World in the middle.  Not bad for seven days of fun!

The Easter Bunny was suitably obliging on Easter Sunday with a huge Easter egg hunt and some lovely presents, which the girl were delighted with.  Even Steve got a nice little haul.

The girls spent the day playing with their new toys, including a bigger 'spotty dog' to be mummy to Tatiana's beloved old scrap Waffle Ginger Geoffrey Jessica the Third.

The Easter eggs will probably last till nearly Christmas, as usual, although Tatiana was doing her best to unwrap all of them as soon as possible - what is that all about?!

The cats were treated to a fancy dinner while we had a lovely veggie roast, and then spent the evening recovering from their indulgence.  Some people still managed to squeeze in a little more chocolate after dinner...

We had a quiet Easter Monday tidying and packing for our holiday, the girls playing outside with the neighbours kids, then a trip to the beach and some cooking.

On Tuesday we had a home ed group trip to Peppa Pig World at Paulton's Park.  Tatia's family of dogs came too, of course.  Posing on a dinosaur...

The Easter decorations and characters were still out in force in the park so there were lots of photo snap opportunities with Easter bunnies and others.

Although I'm not sure where the Easter reindeer comes into it all...

Peppa Pig World is Lara's happy place.  She smiles more there than anywhere else, and she was delighted to be back again.

I love that the ride on cars etc are free once you're in the park - something some other places could learn from!  Our trainee fire fighter loved playing on this fire engine ride on.

More characters, some very cute Easter Bunnies and a fox which scared Tatiana - a bit too much like Mr Todd, I think!

Peppa Pig World was very busy so we went over to the other side of the park for a bit, to admire the dinosaurs and play in the splash park and playgrounds.

Then back to Peppa Pig World for all the rides and the soft play after lunch.  Bliss!

On Wednesday there was a bit of learning (maths, history) then in the afternoon the girls played princesses and LOLs, while Steve and I got on with the holiday packing.

This little princess fell asleep very quickly and was quickly surrounded by cats.  Cat girl instead of Catboy?

Thursday we headed up to my mum's for an overnight stop before setting off early Friday morning to drive to Blackpool.  With a 5.30am start, we were there by early morning and headed straight to the Model Village, which the girls had been wanting to visit for ages.

Tatiana was delighted by the Fire Station, and they all loved exploring the village and seeing what they could spot.  There were Easter Bunnies to find to win a sweetie prize, and lots of lovely ice cream flavours to try.

Unfortunately the heavens then opened and we got a bit soggy - even a teddy cone couldn't make up for being soaked!  Although she cheered up when we headed into town to buy the LOL Surprise Glitter Factory she had been saving for for ages.

A bit of holiday money had tipped the balance so Lara proudly made her purchase.  I was a bit worried that it wouldn't live up to expectation, but the set kept her busy all holiday and beyond, and Lara is delighted with it, so well worth it.

Saturday dawned equally wet and with a quite a gale blowing, but we had arranged to meet my BF and the girls' Godfather in town, so duly headed off.  This dilapidated and decaying mini golf course at the north end of the prom is always a fascination for some reason, so we had a stop there then headed to the pier and a quick amusements stop on the way.

We went into Madame Tussauds which the girls love, and messed about.  Although the hurricane machine proved unnecessary with the howling gale outside!  Then fought our way along the prom and into town, little people practically being blown off their feet, for lunch and a couple of shops.  We ended the day at the playground inland and had take away for dinner - holiday laziness 😉

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