How to Enjoy a Night Off When the Kids Are Away

You’ve finally got some much-needed kid-free time hooray! The question is, what on earth are you going to do with it?

When you’re so used to running after the kids, seeing to their every need and having very little time to yourself, it can be a real shock to the system when they’re not there. In fact, a lot of parents feel like the house is too quiet and empty when their kids are away for an evening or two. They can also struggle to come up with things to do on these rare nights off. So, how can you enjoy a night off when the kids are away?

Catch up with the girls

When was the last time you caught up with the girls without any kids present? What better excuse for a girly catchup than when the kids are away? You could either enjoy a night out, or if you’re too exhausted, why not host your own girls’ night in? You could have a movie night, host an intimate dinner party and even stock up on gin miniatures for a fun filled evening.

Enjoy a date night with your partner

When you have kids, date nights become a lot trickier to organise. So, why not use your kid free time to reignite the passion in your relationship? A date night will help you to reconnect with your partner. There are lots of different things you can do, from a romantic night in to going to the cinema or even spending a night away if you have the budget.

Indulge in some much needed “you time”

If you rarely get chance to spend time just for yourself, now’s the time to indulge! Take a long bath, enjoy a pamper evening and just do all of the things you enjoy. This is your time and you can do absolutely anything you want to!

Switch off the guilt

One of the hardest parts of spending a night away from the kids is the guilt that ultimately follows. It’s natural to feel guilty for enjoying time just for you, but you need to remember every parent needs some time away from their kids every now and again. It’s crucial to help you recharge and you’re going to need to resist the urge to check in with the babysitter every two minutes! So, let go of the guilt and just enjoy your little break away from the kids.

Overall, it’s rare to get a night off from parenting. So, when it does happen, it’s important to make the most of it. You’ll be surprised just how much more relaxed and happier you feel after a much-needed night or two to yourself.

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