Our Unschooled Week #56

Super photo-heavy holiday post today, after another delightful week in Fleetwood, near Blackpool.  After a gusty day on the front at Blackpool on Saturday, we headed inland on Sunday to Gawthorpe Hall near Burnley.

Lara was keen to see the textile collection and the girls all love to explore a large garden!  This one had a knot garden maze to chase through and river frontage to explore.

Inside the house we admired ceilings, chandeliers and art work, then found a fun children's room to play in.  The embroidery and textile collection was delightful too, and gave Lara much inspiration for drawing and creating.

A great opportunity to dress up, from Artful Dodger to Margot Durrell!  Love a bit of hands on history.

After our explorations and a picnic stop, we headed into the centre of Burnley to a lovely playground, with sand pit and lots of places to climb, swing and slide.

Poor Tatia managed to get stuck at the top of this witch's hat and had to be rescued, but then headed to the safer sand pit and made fast friends with another little girl.  While Lara headed off with a new chum and was barely seen for a couple of hours!

Back at Uncle Paul's house for dinner, there were books to read and crazy antics to be had in the garden before wandering down the road to the playground.

There was a hot air balloon getting ready for take off in the field opposite, which proved quite a fascination, before watching it head off in the direction of Pendle Hill.

Back in Fleetwood, Mnday dawned grey but soon got warmer and sunnier, so we went to the swimming pool then headed to the beach.   A picnic, buckets and spades, and a bucket of dinosaurs and we were set for the day.  So lovely to have the whole beach to ourselves.

Sophia soon managed to find some Morecambe Bay mud to beautify herself in - Hulk hands.  Mud, glorious mud!

Beach exploration netted a stray mussel, lugworm and star fish.  All quickly restored to water in the largest rock pools we could find.

On Tuesday it was time for playgrounds then off to the beach in Cleveleys again in the afternoon, with a collection of leftovers for the natives.

Sophia found a frisbee which appeared to have washed all the way up from Exeter and after throwing it a bit, decided to create an art gallery on the beach.  I managed to slope off for an hour's meander round the charity shops of Cleveleys by myself, something I hadn't done in years!  Unearthed a few treasures.

Even sea gull poo can become art with this lot!

After the beach we went to the lovely Wyre Estuary Country Park which has fantastic playgrounds and lovely walks.

The girls love the woodland area with plenty of logs to build dens with.

Tatiana soon moved in and had a cup of tea and a biscuit

Later we drove all the way along the sea front to Lytham and had chips on the prom for dinner.

Tatiana had been complaining of a tummy ache off and on for a while and was inconsolable when she woke up on Wednesday morning.  We decided to take her to the local hospital GP service just to check that it wasn't anything to worry about.  Luckily, there was nothing, so we headed into Blackpool.  The hospital provided plenty of fodder for games once we got back home though, of course!

Baby gull with deformed, extra long beak
After lunch on the beach, we walked down the North Pier to the glorious Venetian carousel.  After a few goes on there, the girls wanted to take then little train back the length of the pier.  The North Pier is where Sooty was discovered by Harry Corbett in 1948, so after an homage to the bear we headed to the Tower.

Steve, Lara and Sophia went up the Tower while Tatiana and I investigated the delights of Poundland where she found a PJ Masks yo-yo, and then hung out on the prom.

Next to a soft play in one of the amusement arcades, where Tatia found this rather battered Fireman Sam fire truck.

Then Steve and Lara went to the Sea Life centre, while Sophia, Tatia and I headded back through town.  A quick stop to be a scary Hulk first though!

Sophia was Captain America, then asked to go to the Disney Store to spend some of the pocket money she had saved.  She bought a Belle doll with table, chair and accessories including a cute little Chip cup.  VERY proud of herself!

On Thursday we were back in Blackpool for a last day, visiting Madame Tussauds, where the new Doctor Who exhibit was a huge hit.  The girls haven't actually watched it yet, but are fascinated by the concept - especially now he is a she.  Lara's reaction when the announcement was made: "Girls really can do anything!"

It was Sea Life next, then off to the park.

We'd been wanting to go to Stanley Park for ages, so were delighted to finally get there in the sunshine.  A great playground, lovely gardens, lake and cafe awaited, along with lots of dogs to talk to and swans, geese and ducks to feed.

After dinner we headed to the sea front at Fleetwood or a walk along the beach and then to a lovely playground, before going back to the beach to watch the sunset.

On our way home on Friday we stopped at Alton Towers for CBeebiesland, which the girls love.

Cuddles with Hey Duggee and the Teletubbies for these two, as well as Ubercorn from Go Jetters later on.

While Lara loved the In the Night Garden boat ride, as ever, as well as the new Peter Rabbit area.

And of course, posed with her beloved Tree Fu Tom.

We were amazed that Lara gave the Go Jetters ride a try as she is very wary of anything too spinny, high or different.  But she loved it!

We then stayed at my mum's overnight then headed home today for the usual post-holiday sorting out, washing etc.  Before the next holiday!

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