Our Unschooled Week #59

Not much to say about this week!  We started with colds and ended with chest infections and sinusitis, with just a day trip to Legoland in between.

Legoland was great, of course.  Although this was the state of Lara by the end of it!

Always a character to pose with...

Fun in the shop...

Armfuls of doggies...

Lara's favourite ride, Fairytale Brook:

Marvelling at the mini miracles in Miniland:

Like the khruschevka Mummy used to live in:

In the garden at Nanny's next morning:

Tuesday we headed home around lunchtime, and that was pretty much it for the week!  When people felt OK they played outside or with LEGO or the dolls house, otherwise we were mostly on the sofa or in bed.  A few documentaries, some films, and a lot of feeling sorry for ourselves - darn bugs, camping has a lot to answer for!

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