Our Unschooled Fortnight #62

Another quick one while I catch up, and as I remember this was quite a quiet week.  Tatiana spent ages playing with her new favourite thing - read the Poopsie Slime Surprise Unicorn review for details!

I was away at my mum's for a few days on a work retreat, desperately trying to get lots done, so Steve was in charge of being general cook, carer and bottle washer, as well as being play leader!  Apart from the unicorn there was lots of playing outside, with trips to the beach and the playground, LEGO and tent building.

When I got home late on Tuesday there were flowers and cards for me, and a lovely cup of tea and cake presented by Lara on a beautifully decorated tray.  Unfortunately I forgot to grab the camera 😞

The weather was awful on Wednesday but the girls did manage to play outside a bit in between rain showers, and watched a couple of films in fits and starts in between times.  There were more movies on Friday, whilst on Thursday and Saturday they were all about learning all day, with lots of reading and writing practice one day, and lots of our habitats topic study on the other.  Self-directed learning is amazing!

Sunday was dedicated to building and playing with LEGO, with fantastic cities being constructed and elaborate stories created all day.

Monday was a lovely day so we headed to the splash park for most of it - and guess who forgot the camera again?!  Grr.

Tuesday was a miserable day, raining and grey so we studied and played indoors, then Wednesday went to the cinema to see The Secret Life of Pets.  I don't know if it was a coincidence that we came home to this...

The girls horse they had designed arrived on the Wednesday, so there was lots of play with that and designing and building stables and things.

On Thursday we headed up to my mum's for a couple of days, where the girls quickly set up a bird hide in the garden to observe the kites flying overhead.  (Birds of prey not toys!)  Their hide was very effective and they managed to observe some interesting behaviours from a pair of kites.  A right bunch of mini twitchers they are becoming, Chris Packham would be proud!

Although Tatia was rather wiped by all the excitement!  As soon as she had set up her Catboy sleeping area she was in it.  She so loves this guy!

I had a funeral to go to on the Friday, which was probably the loveliest I have ever been to.  It was for the mum of Claire, my best friend from childhood, and was attended by all sorts of village people and our old vicar even came back to speak.  A lovely, lovely service.

After the funeral my mum had to dash off to a second funeral at the crematorium, while we picked up my nephew from school.  It was a lovely day so we walked to school and back via a footpath and saw lots of butterflies, ladybird larvae and other excitement.  The girls played with their cousin all afternoon and into the evening before we drove back home as Steve had work the next day.

Saturday was spent building a theme park in the sitting room, very busy indeed!

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