Our Unschooled Week #60

Oh dear, lots of catching up to do here!! So a quick run down of the past few weeks...

On Sunday the girls spent most of the day playing outside, then we had a belated Eurovision party after everyone had finally recovered from illness etc.

On Monday there was more playing outside, a huge cooked breakfast (yum), and goingg through several boxes of clothes, stationery stuff and other bits passed on by their older cousins.  The girls unearthed all sorts of treasures like make up and jewellery, mucch ooh-ing and ah-ing.

On Tuesday we met friends at beautiful Hever Castle.  We walked round the lake first, admiring the views, the wildflowers and planting, and observing or picking up assorted critters along the way.

Next stop was playing in the water maze, eating our picnic lunch and wandering through the gardens.  As it was half-term there were various activities on, including butler school, Edwardian garden games, a Punch and Judy show, and a Fairies and Fantastic Creatures walk led by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, no less.

Next we admired the beautiful dolls houses and then played in the playgrounds, until the rain poured down.  Always such fun there, and tons of learning opportunities.

Just look at these beautiful balls of fluff:

On Wednesday the weather had sorted itself out again, so there was more playing outside and general merriment.  So good to have the girls' friends off school to play out with!  Lara made a dinner buffet for us all, and decorated gingerbread men for pudding.  Before bed we watched a new documentary series about the Tower of London on Channel 5 which was very interesting.

On Thursday I had lots of work to do, while Steve took some time to do a big (late) spring clean.  Lara kept herself busy with a new fashion design book, part of the haul from the cousins, and Tatiana spent ages with her kinetic sand and slime.  Sophia flitted between the two before convincing them to go outside to play again.

While I was surrounded by these gorgeous creatures:

Friday was all about dressing up, playing trains, being knights, pirates and princesses, and playing hair salons with our random collection of wigs.  Very busy!

On Saturday we made a late visit to Ramster Gardens before it closes for the summer.  The orchids and wild flowers were in bloom, and the azaleas and rhodenderons were still going strong, so it was a glorious mass of colour everywhere.  Lots and lots of photos from a wonderful day out...

Time for a sunbathe and a mini sleep for some, while Tatiana was proudly wearing her new Birkenstock sandals - so good to have a convert to my gang 😉

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