Our Unschooled Week #61

Another speedy catch up one because I am rather behind on these updates, so here goes...

On the Sunday we caught the train to London then walked from London Bridge to Covent Garden, stopping for lunch by the river.  Conversation covered all periods of history as we wandered along, from early Saxon settlement through Elizabethan exploration to Victorian slums, mudlarks and Oliver Twist.

Sophia loved the architecture, while Tatiana was delighted to rescue a doll from the river beach.  She was waterlogged and muddy, but a run through the washing machine and Thames Baby has come up as good as new.  There were plenty of dogs en route too, especially the ultra-fashionable Italian greyhounds that are everywhere chichi at the moment.

We were in London to see The Lion King, as my sister-in-law had got some tickets for the autism-friendly performance for us.

The show was amazing, but the audience were certainly loud!  I'm not sure we would go to another autism-friendly performance as it was very distracting for all of us, especially Lara.  I think she would cope better with a regular performance but with her ear defenders on.  The girls (we all) absolutely loved it though.

On Monday we headed off on holiday for the rest of the week where we fully embraced a week of doing nothing very much.  I even managed to leave the laptop at home!

We spent the week largely on site, swimming, playing at the amusements, going for walks and making friends with dogs.

We spent our days at the outdoor swimming pool, our evenings at the entertainments where the girls won various prizes and met their favourite squirrel friends.

There were plenty of walks late in the evening and during the day, exploring minibeasts, rivers and plants.  There were lots of birds, insects and wild flowers to identify in our guides, we'll be getting spotter notebooks next!

A long walk along the cliffs was rather windy but great fun, with some beautiful views out to sea.  Plenty of creatures to chat to as well, from tiny bees to huge cows.  The perfect walk for small people.

Back home at the weekend Lara gathered all the ingredients to use in her Sprinkle Stix Maker while Sophia and Tatiana kept busy with Steve and their new Poopsie Slime Surprise Unicorn which had arrived while we were away.

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