The Girls Design Their Dream Horse

Sophia and Tatiana are obsessed with horses at the moment.  Any time we see some in a field, we have to stop, whether walking or driving, to coax them over with handfuls of delicious clover.  Little girls and horses is definitely a thing, but more so now with TV programmes like Spirit on Netflix, which the girls adore.  I think I need to get them on to Black Beauty next.

You see?  Obsessed!!!  So imagine the girls' delight when they were asked to design their dream horse for it to be made into a beautiful toy.  Not quite as good as a real horse as a pet, perhaps, but there was much excitement and intense chatter when they were designing their dream horses.  Their ideas and colourways were rather fantastical, and I began to wonder how we would ever come up with just one design!

Eventually, they decided on a design which combined the best aspects of each of their designs: rainbow shades, a necklace, bright blue mane and pink and blue striped tail.  This design was duly sent off to Pet Plan to be made into a gorgeous soft toy to stable, play with and treasure.

Their gorgeous horse toy duly arrived and has spent a lot of time being looked after, fed, stabled, and cleaned out.  Various dolls and other soft toys have had a ride on its back, and much, much fun has been had.

The new pony bears such an amazing likeness to their drawing.  The mane and tail are perfect, and all the details from necklace to the hooves are there.  Lara was a bit disappointed that they hadn't interpreted the four legs from the drawing into two pairs and had instead done four in a row, so the horse won't stand up.  She is very pleased with the make up (!), necklace and tail though.

The girls are still having hours of fun playing with her.  What a wonderful opportunity to see their own design come to life.  Thanks PetPlan Equine Horse Insurance.  We'll let you know when we have the much-coveted field of Shetlands!

This post has been written in collaboration with the Petplan Equine, but all words and pictures are our own.

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