5 Reasons to Switch to Calor for Your LPG

When you live off grid or in a rural area your choices for fuel supply can seem very limited, and shopping around appear to not be an option for you.  However, if you use LPG there are different choices available to you, and good reasons to switch from your current LPG supplier to Calor.

Image: Snug Shack

Why should you switch to Calor?

Competitive Pricing

Just hop online to get a personalised energy quote quicker than you can put the kettle on.  You will probably be pleasantly surprised at the more competitive cost.  As Britain's largest LPG supplier, Calor use their strong buying power to offer lower rates on LPG.

Automatic Ordering

We've all got better things to do than keep an eye on when LPG supplies are running low, then to go through the process of ordering and arranging a delivery.  Calor offers Automatic Top Up Technology which keeps an eye on your LPG supply and orders more when you need it, so you can get on with something more interesting instead.

You Can Go Green

Calor offers an exclusive greener renewable LPG called BioLPG which is made from a mix of waste, residues and sustainably sourced materials.  Chemically identical to standard LPG it works in the same way but with a greener twist and no compromise on performance.

It's Easy

Switching to Calor from your current supplier can take as little as 28 days and there is no upheaval as they liaise with your current supplier to make the switch.  You won't need a new tank, it will simply switch from your old supplier to your new one, and is all handled by the suppliers themselves at no cost to you.

Everything's Online

With Calor you can manage your account online wherever and whenever you want, even if it is 3am!  From getting your initial quote to managing your account every month, you can do it all online without any hassle.  Talk about making life easier!

5 reasons to start your switch to Calor LPG today.