Our Unschooled Fortnight #63

You know that adage for parent that the days are long and the years are short?  Round here every day is short.  It seems as though we no sooner get up than its time to start herding everyone towards bed.  And the past two weeks have certainly gone by in a flash!

Two weeks ago was the postponed town carnival, as the original date had bee far too windy for the floats.  Unfortunately the rearranged date meant the turn out of participants was rather limited which Lara found difficult.  So Sophia put her cardigan on her head to become a panda as a distraction...

Thee rest of the week whizzed by in a whirl of playing, drawing and baking, with odd bits of learning each day here and there.

At the end of the week we took the girls and their cousin to Legoland for the day, which was great fun.  Apart from the queue to get out that is - it took us an hour and a half!!

Lara loves the new display of sets from the LEGO Movie 2 and comes away with lots of inspiration for what to build next on her own sets.

MiniLand is always a huge hit with Lara, and we welcomed refuge from the heat in the Reef room where you can create fun fish and watch them swim around.

This week has been another whirr of learning (perfect timing for habitats with the Madagascar documentary on BBC iPlayer), playing and trips to the beach and playgrounds.  We had a lovely day at a beloved river spot in the New Forest a few days ago.

Water pistols, swimming kit, inflatables and body boards at the ready!  Although you do have to share space with cows and ponies...

We stopped in the New Forest on the way back home to admire this gorgeous foal.

Right better go, Tatiana has just come in with a sea gull poo on her head...

I hope you've had a good week (fortnight) x

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