Our Unschooled Fortnight #64

We've had a busy couple of weeks with some pouring with rain stir crazy days when the girls have been absolutely desperate to get outdoors, and plenty of glorious summer's days to get out in nature and explore the world.

One of the highlights for Tatiana was being able to look after her friend Ariana for most of a day while her mummy was out.  She's only a little younger than Tatiana but still has a nap so mama-Tatia put her to bed and stayed with her till she was asleep.  Very cute.

Then the girls spent ages building a vast Duplo safari park for Ariana to play with when she woke up.  LEGO and Duplo were the main toys of choice over the past couple of weeks, with Sylvanians making a renewed appearance in the past few days - just as well after my recent shopping!

Being a statue in the park

On rainy days there has been lots of baking and we have enjoyed the World of Chocolate documentary on Channel 5 (might not be what it's actually called!) and Serengeti on BBC iPlayer.  Our habitats study continues loosely, with Space being the next topic of choice, but I think we'll wait till autumn to start that.

Every day discoveries present plenty of learning opportunities, as usual, from gorgeous summer flowers, plenty of insects and new birds to spot to exciting beach discoveries.

Sophia examining the skeleton of a fish

Most days toys have taken second place to going out, with playing out being the current favourite for both Sophia and Tatiana.  Lara has been going outside a bit too, especially when Steve manages to find some long-forgotten outdoor toys in the garage.

Trips to the beach are a must most days, with add-ons of one of the local playgrounds or parks, or substituted by a bigger trip out to the New Forest, the river or the splash park.

Our favourite days out were a long-overdue visit to WWT Arundel last week and beautiful Cottage Chamomile's open days this week.

Here are some photos from WWT where brambles, geese and mini-beast hunts were the priorities.  The blackberry brambles are presenting at five different stages at the moment: bud, flower, forming fruit, unripe and ripe berries.

Turning logs to look for mini-beasts

A couple of long waits rewarded us with an adorable baby moorhen, and then a Greater Spotted Woodpecker at the bird feeders.

Finding new additions for our library

And at Cottage Chamomile:

Beautiful summer days.

I'm managing to fit work in around it all, somehow, and gradually making all the changes I want to, as well as expanding into new areas.  A constant juggle, of course, but that's how we roll!  Hope you've had a good couple of weeks, Lx

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