Our Unschooled Fortnight #67

After our busy week with Paul, we had a quieter week.  The girls started it off by 'borrowing' my camera and taking about 150 photos of the cats.  Here are a few of the better ones:

Taya snuggling up with Lara's beloved White Bunny.

We headed back up to my mum's for a couple of day's to attend my surrogate little sister's (neighbour we grew up with) dad's funeral.  So sad.

More gifts for Mummy and an afternoon with my friend and her little daughter were more cheerful aspects of our trip.

We had fun at a local reservoir where the girls climbed trees and explored, as well as enjoying a huge playground, and playing with little Sephina.

The funeral on Wednesday was lovely, and well attended.  Afterwards we managed to talk to lots of people we haven't seen for ages, and ot offer support to my friend and her mum.

Steve looked after the girls, who drew, crafted and created all afternoon.

Yet another trip up the A3 to spend a couple of days with my friend Danielle and her sons, first at their house and then a day at Hughenden Manor doing some World War II activities like making miniature planes, rag rug squares and map reading.

Back home, Sophia and Tatiana have been playing outside with their friends a lot, while Lara is mainly on LEGO, Sylvanians, LOL dolls and Scooby Doo at the moment.  We went to see the Playmobil Movie so those toys are making a comeback here too.

Oh and dragging your sister along the floor apparently...

And other kinds of crazy...

And finally, I had a birthday!

Lots of gorgeous pressies, lovely cards, and thorough spoilt-ness.  The weather was ghastly so we just went for a walk to the park and back through town before the rain poured, then watched films and hung out.  I even managed to have a long bubble bath with my book in peace.  Bliss.

Gorgeous chocolate cake made by my babies, and beautiful flowers from the husband.  A lovely day.