Our Unschooled Week #68

Quite a quiet week as Sophia fell over on Saturday and managed to massacre her knee quite badly., so she spent several days sitting indoors with her leg up and being very bored!

Monday was our tenth wedding anniversary and the bloke done good with a collection of themed presents: one slightly ironic idea for each traditional anniversary gift.  Very sweet.  Lovely flowers from my friend too.

The girls took yet more photos of the cats.  It seems that every time I pick the camera up there are another 50+ cat pics on there!

This is the semi-healed version of the knee:

Most of the time Sophia spent resting her leg she was playing mini world games with Lara on the sofa, while Tatiana played outside with their friends.  Although by Wednesday Sophia was bale to run out to the car to meet me when I came back from the shops.  So good to see her moving properly again instead of hobbling about!

I managed to do quite a bit of work this week, trying to update SEO on the blog and various other things.  I also made a head start on home ed planning for the new season.  Tatia and Sophia are very keen to see a new space exhibition at the Science Museum in Bradford, so we have a trip planned.  Think our new theme will then be space, once we have finished habitats and done a quick blast through rainforests.

On Thursday we drove over to visit friends for the afternoon/evening and stopped at Pevesensey Bay for an early lunch picnic.  At Perdita's the girls played, then we went to their nearby playground where we foraged blackberries and plums.  Sloes, more blackberries, and possibly hazelnuts next time!

Back at their house Lara was delighted to have willing victims for her make up applications, so made the most of it!

Driving back home was rather interesting  because the main road was closed and the diversion signs pretty much disappeared, so I gingerly made my way across the Downs in pitch darkness.  Yikes!

Friday and Saturday we were at home again, the girls playing outside, watching films, and doing some science experiments before going to the beach in the afternoons.

Hope you've had a good week.