Our Unschooled Week #69

The last week of the summer holidays kept us rather busy, although we are all looking forward to having our favourite places to ourselves again when everyone else goes back to school next week!  On Sunday morning we walked along the sea front to a kite festival at Felpham.

On the way there was swinging, climbing and photography to be done, including this gorgeous tree trunk driftwood on the beach.

When we got there the kite festival was starting up and more and more kites took to the skies.  There were a lot of fish, snakes and other water creatures such as an octopus and a jellyfish.  The huge black octopus seemed to be giving its owner some trouble, so we didn't see that one fly.

There were plenty of other things to do in the park, with various stalls and activities.  Lara loved the enormous bouncy slide, and all three girls enjoyed making sand art.  So simple, just peel off the sticker covers and pour sand over.  The results are really effective too.

On Sunday afternoon we drove up to the nearby village of Boxgrove to look at the ruins of an old Priory, around the church and have afternoon tea, my birthday treat from Sophia again.

The priory ruins looked gorgeous in the sunshine and the girls enjoyed pointing out the different features and imagining what was where in the once huge priory.  The remaining wing was probably just the guest quarters.

The church has beautiful stained glass windows and lots of other features, such as interesting sarcophagus and memorials.

This memorial window to a young American pilot killed during the Battle of Britain is beautiful.

We loved how the sunlight through the stained glass danced on the stone walls.

The local ladies' afternoon tea is a delight, with plenty of gossip and dogs to pet as well as delicious cakes and scones.

On Sunday evening we went into town to the fair that was set up on the promenade where the girls tried out various jumping, sliding and spinning things.  Nothing to perilous though, thankfully!

Lara delighted in squeezing herself into this bus on the carousel which had a bell she could ring to her heart's content!  Such joy.

The Fun House was also a big hit, with several goes and then waits for the foam to go off outside.

Once it got dark we walked back towards home a bit then waited for the annual Illuminations Gala to begin.  Lots and lots of fairy lights and fun ideas.

On Monday we drove up to a little village on the Downs, Graffham, for its annual Bank Holiday summer fete.  It was so hot, almost no breeze at all up there, so we didn't last long before heading back to the cool of the sea!

Tatiana made friends with a gorgeous greyhound called Marmaduke while I had a good chat with his mummy, a French lady of Russian origin.  Her family had fled Belarus in 1830 (I think there were uprisings by the gentry against their Russian masters then) and made their way to France.

She had looked into some of her family's history and had many interesting stories to tell.  Her great grandmother was called Tatiana, so she was delighted to meet our Tatia.

The girls love the big inflatable they have there and the fun slip n slide they make, but even that got too much int he end in all the heat!  So we headed back home and went to the fair again in the evening.

On Tuesday I had to work, so Steve looked after the girls who played outside, did some cooking and other bits and bobs.

On Wednesday Sophia and Tatiana played outside with their friends Ariana and Emma all morning, then my friend Danielle arrived with her sons Connor and Lewis.  Lara and the boys played LEGO for a while before dinner, then we went out for an evening walk.

Thursday was Steve's birthday, so he had the day off.  We went to the last play rangers in park where the children made some woodwork creations and played on giant inflatables, then had a picnic and played in the playground for a bit.

Next we headed to the beach.

The children enjoyed some of the kiddie corner activities on the beach like motorbikes, boats and a bouncy castle.

Next was crazy golf which did result in some slight losses of humour, but we survived!

I took a frazzled Lara with me to get some ice creams and we stopped at her beloved Sooty and his car on the way.  A quick ride on there cheered her up considerably!

In the evening we went on to the next park where there is a nice cafe to have dinner, chatting while the children played and scooted.

I spotted this gorgeous perfect hydrangea on the way home.

On Friday we took a last visit to the splash park before it closes for the season.  It was very quite there, so the starlings were delighting in having a bath and splashing up as much water as they could.

So nice to have the place to ourselves!!

Tatiana spent much of her time being an aeroplane...

A quick spring along the sea front at Southsea before piling in the car and back home to bed.

Today has just been a quiet day at home, playing out, having baths, and watching the start of the new series of The Great British Bake Off.

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