Our Unschooled Fortnight #71

The first week of this fortnight was fairly uneventful.  We spent an entire day at soft play, Sophia was ill with a bad cold and was sick a couple of times, and we did the usual bits and bobs, trips to the beach etc in between times.  My mum arrived on the Sunday to look after the cats while we went on holiday, and the girls decided to put on an impromptu concert for her.

Lara spent ages doing Tatiana's very 1980s look, a kind of Cyndi Lauper - Madonna combo?!  All very professional - including the 5 year old's pout!

Just before 5am on Monday we set off on holiday to Cornwall, stopping at Teignmouth on the way for breakfast, a leg stretch and a play ...

... and yummy doughnuts with Nutella from the cafe in a favourite playground.

Tatiana was delighted to find a dog to babysit.

We stopped at Portscatho to buy some supplies and for a quick trip to the beach (camera left in car - #fail) then went to our gorgeous holiday cottage.  (Review coming soon.)

On Tuesday Lara wanted to do some maths first thing, then we admired dew drops on a feather (quick science lesson).

Our first stop for the day was the church at St Just in Roseland, widely regarded as the prettiest churchyard in England.  It perches on the edge of the shore, with ancient graves precariously stacked up the hillside.

The girls loved the pretty prayer tree outside the church and we all added a tag to the tree with our wishes and remembrances on.  Lara and Tatiana drew some pictures to send to Jesus, we all lit candles too, and the girls took away beautiful prayer crosses made by the community to treasure.

The churchyard is as lovely as people say, and a wonderful place just off the South West Coast Path to stop and rest.

We drove on to stunning St Mawes next where we stopped on the rocks for lunch, visited a few shops and had a good look round.  The girls managed to invite themselves into a little play group running in a hut at the top of the playground, where they played with some toys and painted some pictures while Steve and I chatted to the ladies running it.  I think they were glad of the visitors having only three children attending that day!

We spent the afternoon at St Mawes Castle, the best preserved of Henry VIII's coastal artillery forces, and sister castle to Pendennis across the Fal Estuary.  The girls loved exploring the castle and fitting it into their knowledge of Tudor history.

Lots of great hands-on history.  We learnt a bit of Latin, fired some shots across the estuary, and learnt about different types of guns.

After a restorative snack stop in the sunshine, we were off to the cannons ranged along the front.  The gunners were ready for action!

The girls loved the lower kitchen area, where you could see the oven still in tact behind the fire, and learn about the soldiers that lived here, more likely to defend cargo ships from pirates than the land from the Spanish Armada.  There was even a sample of what they would have eaten - most fascinating to the smalls.  (Apologies for weird camera haze, not sure what happened there.)

In the evening we headed out for a walk from our cottage, but didn't make it as far as the sea.

On Wednesday we went to pretty Veryan to see the famous round houses, round so the devil couldn't hide in the corners.

There is a lovely gallery there too, where the owners were quite happy for the girls to feel inspired and do some sketching, which Lara loved.

Next stop was the village of Ruan Lanihorne for lunch at a pub there, and a quick visit to the very plain St Rumon's church.

Tatiana loved looking at the sunlight creating rainbows through the windows onto the pews and floor.

Lunch at The Kings Head was a bit stressful and reminded us why we don;t really eat out these days!  Taking a picnic to the beach would have been far less stressful and far more enjoyable, but as it was a work trip I had an obligation to check a certain amount of places out.  We will need to go back to the area for a more relaxed trip!

Finally, off to the beach!

After lunch we headed to beautiful Porthcurnick beach in the sunshine.  The girls made friends with various dogs, including a woolly giant called BoBo.

We built sandcastles and explored rock pools, talked geology, paddled and found treasures.  A lovely afternoon.

The girls always choose their own clothes to wear and all love colour.  Lara was very pleased with herself to have put this outfit together with some items she had been given by her cousins.

After dinner in the playground at St Mawes (including scrumped apples), we drove out to St Anthony Head where we tried to find the lighthouse which featured in Fraggle Rock (currently free on Amazon Prime Video) but I don't think we walked down far enough and the car park was about to close.  Another one for our 'next time' list!

We were going to climb down to Porthbeor beach but found it was extremely dangerous because the cliff edge is unstable.  So we chatted to the sleepy cows then drove back.

We drove home via Bude, spending most of the day on the beach, then encountered some epic detours and diversions with various roads closed on the way back.  Didn't get home till gone midnight!

Today it was our local fire station's open day so we climbed in fir engines, watched a simulator video from the driver's perspective, and explored the locker rooms and uniforms.  Tatiana wants to be a fire fighter when she's older so she LOVED it all!

After that it was a quick stop in at church for the Macmillan coffee morning, then the companion dog show at a local village, before heading up to my mum's for an overnight visit.  She had a car accident while down with us so was a bit shaken.  Only a minor bash but her first ever, so she was very shaken by it.  Lara found a little china box with flowers on the top at church so had bought that for her and we turned up with flowers, chocolates and good cheer in hope of making her feel a bit better.  Hopefully it worked!

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