School's Back Now it's Time to Take Care of You, Mama

After 6+ weeks of non-stop family fun and activities, if you're anything like most of the mums I know, you're feeling a bit worn out and run down, and possibly overwhelmed too after the full-on back to school onslaught.  Well mama, now it's time to take care of you.

As busy mums, we tend to put everyone else before ourselves.  We are constantly thinking about our children, our partner, and everyone and thing else, often at the expense of looking after ourselves.  But here's the thing: you can't take care of others if you don't take care of yourself first.  There's a reason they tell you to put on your own oxygen mask first on a plane!

It's not just my background as an academic and a teacher that makes me feel like September is new year, perhaps even more so than January.  There's something about that change in the air, the cooler mornings, the leaves turning, and a certain feeling of newness.  Not to mention a whole two seasons of colder weather to fill with fun activities - someone hand me a calendar!

This new season it's time to make more time for self care, to make sure you are operating optimally, and your body and mind are ready for autumn and winter.  Here are four ways you can take of yourself this season:

Get Enough Sleep

I get it, by the time you get the children into bed, a bit of tidying up done, and possibly sit down to read or watch TV, you just want a a bit of time to yourself.  But there's no point staying up till midnight for the sake of it, and you will definitely feel worse in the morning if you do.

Tempting as it is to think you can exist on just a few hours of sleep, especially when you are busy and stressed, it doesn't do you any favours.  If you wake up in the early hours of the morning, or can't get to sleep because your mind is racing, I highly recommend the Sleep Reset Program.

This ecourse usually retails at $299 (I know!) but you can get it for just $37 this week!

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Eat Well

Summer can be so off schedule that we end up grabbing meals here and there and not always managing to meal plan or create decent food.  Now's the time to get back into planning out your food each week, and making sure everyone has the right vitamins and nutrients every day.

And that means you too!  No more grabbing whatever's left and making do, if you're going to get through the season of colds and 'flu you need to eat well to boost your immune system and keep your body and mind going with good, healthy food every meal.  Make sure you have three proper meals a day, snacks too.

If you're stuck for inspiration, there are plenty of delicious recipes in the Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle, as well as guides to eating better and including fermented foods and green smoothies in your diet.

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Be Active

Exercise is another area that is so easy to put to one side when you have too much on yur plate and you're busy doing everything that everyone else needs.  But if you spend your days being busy but inactive your mental and physical self will suffer.

Take some time to exercise every day, whether you join a yoga class, start having a daily walk either on your own or with the family, or take up running.  Try to get your exercise outdoors so you stock up on 'vitamin N' and all the endorphins and benefits that being in nature brings.

If you're not sure where to start, these exercise resources from the Bundle are perfect for you, with everything from a total body transformation to exercises that will benefit your back or neck and shoulder area if those are an issue for you.

I love the No Gym Needed 30 Day Challenge, perfect for busy mums who want short, quick effective work outs to boost fitness.

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Practice Self Care

Having time to yourself isn't selfish.  You can't give and give and give without taking some time for yourself and looking after your own needs too.  You can't pour from an empty jug and all that!

By being intentional about taking care of yourself, scheduling it into your week and sticking to it, you will feel better, be healthier, and be better able to take care of others too.

For you self care might be something as simple as a bubble bath with the door closed or sitting down with a cup of coffee and a book, or it might be something more like a regular massage or facial, or a date with a friend each week/fortnight.

Whatever it is, make time for it, and treat those dates as sacrosanct.  You wouldn't break an appointment, so make these times as important.  And, whatever you choose to do, make sure you switch off your mental to-do list, relax and enjoy those moments to yourself.

If you find it hard to switch off, I recommend Mindfulness and Meditation for the Chronic Life which is in the Bundle along with these other brilliant self care resources.  It's the perfect way to learn how to control anxiety and overwhelm.

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Being a mum, working in the home or outside is hard work, but don't let taking care of and doing everything for everyone else become all you do.  That's the quickest way to burn out and help no-one, especially not yourself!

Now the kids are back at school is the ideal time to start a new season self care plan for yourself, including sleeping better, eating better, exercising, and practicing daily self care.  Whether September marks your new year or not, it's the perfect time to start taking care of yourself better - and you'll get to the proper new year a whole new you!

The Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle is available until Monday 9th September, priced $37.  It contains 91 different resources that will help boost you and your family's wellbeing, health and happiness.

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