Why You Should Invest in All-Season Wardrobe Staples

We’ve all been there - you dress for a balmy spring day and the heavens promptly open, or you wrap up against the autumn chill and the sun comes out to leave you shedding the layers.  The famously unpredictable UK weather has caught us all out at some stage, but there are ways to counter the fickle mistress that is Mother Nature.

The answer lies in compiling an all-season wardrobe, which can be good for saving money, space and time - three increasingly precious commodities.

Time is of the Essence

During the course of a year, imagine how much time is spent agonising over what to wear before heading out of the door.  Now, imagine how much quicker and easier that decision would be with a heavily reduced wardrobe from which to choose.

Practical and versatile items - for example classic trainers or a pair of lightweight denim jeans – will largely be fit for purpose all year round, so having a de-clutter of your closet could prove time efficient, not to mention therapeutic.  Plus, you could create some extra cash by selling your unwanted items online if they’re in good condition.

Save Money - and the Environment

According to the European Parliamentary Research Service, 5% of household spending in the European Union goes on clothing and footwear.  Cutting down on both your existing selection and the frequency with which you purchase new items could prove hugely beneficial when it comes to money management, leaving you with extra money to spend on the other passions in your life.

Meanwhile, a study put together by Global Fashion Agenda estimated that, at its current rate, the industry’s consumption of water, waste creation and CO2 emissions would all increase by at least 50% by 2030.

In these times of heightened awareness around climate change, shrinking your bulging wardrobe could have far more wide-reaching consequences than on just your own finances.

Create Some Space

Having a clear out can prove a highly satisfying process, so why not be ruthless with all those items you never wear?

Stick to the pieces that will serve you in all conditions, such as a lightweight waterproof jacket, perfect for a spring day with the chance of showers, or a long sleeve shirt that will cope with all climates.

And once you’ve whittled down that surplus of halter necks, heels and handbags, the extra space can be put to more efficient use, while you’ll never again be caught out by the changeable UK weather.

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