Dealing with a Fussy Eater? Win Access to a Dietitian-led Support Programme to Kick Fussy Eating to the Kerb - ENDED

How many new foods have you tried recently?  Did you like the taste of coffee, olives or wine the first time you tried it?  What about all those health foods like green smoothies or coconut water?  We all fall into the habit of eating the same foods and as adults we often forget that it takes time to learn to enjoy new foods, and often a few tries before we begin to like something new.  It’s no different with our children, it takes time to learn to like new foods.

Every child learns differently and it’s not uncommon for children to become very fussy about food. Some don’t like trying new foods, others all of a sudden stop eating their favourite foods, or start demanding pasta for every meal!

Lara ate everything put in front of her for her first few years, then began to reject almost everything until we had a list of only around 15 meals she would actually eat!  That lasted a while and it's only very recently she has begin trying and liking 'new' things like olives and broccoli that she would previously grab handfuls of.  Feeding over the past few years has really been such a challenge, so thank goodness we are turning it around now.

Most of us parents find dealing with fussy eating very stressful.  It can easily turn into a vicious cycle: kids are fussy about their food; parents ask, beg, put pressure or bribe them to eat; this then creates an unpleasant mealtime experience and kids learn to hate meals and refuse even more.

Research has shown that more than half of all children were considered to be choosy at 15 months.  50% became very fussy at 3 years, especially if parents were very worried and stressed about the choosiness.  Parents who managed to stay calm resolved the fussiness issues, with only 17% of children remaining fussy at age 3.

As a parent it is important to help your child overcome the fussy eating phase and make sure they develop a healthy, long term relationship with food.  There is a lot of advice out there, but resolving fussy eating is like solving a puzzle - you need all the pieces to make it complete.

Dietitians are the best people to provide you with evidence-backed and trustworthy advice.  They can also offer support on these issues given their education, knowledge and experience with fussy eating children.

NuKi Health helps parents to get the support they need, and thereby to raise healthier children, by providing easy, quick and affordable access to paediatric dietary advice.  They have brought together a team of registered dietitians that will, through their telehealth app, work with you to create a personal action plan specific to your child.

NuKi experts will help you turn your fussy eater into an enthusiastic eater.

The Fussy Eater Programme includes a tailored plan with step-by-step guidance, video tutorials and recipes, video consultations with a dietitian from the comfort of your own home and 1:1 on-going support and motivation from a coach.

Their 5-week Fussy Eating Programme, which launches on 10th October, is currently on offer for £25, which works out at just £5 per week!

Check out the NuKi website for more information and to sign up for their Fussy Eating Programme!

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