Our Unschooled Fortnight #72

We had a pretty quiet couple of weeks with a return to learning time every day and normal every days.  There's always time for dressing up though of course!  I particularly like the use of knickers as Saxon helmets.

The first week the girls were all a bit under the weather with colds, so there wasn't much going out. We did manage a trip out to get their last M&S mini foo0d collectables though before it ended.

The following week everyone was better so we finally had our Not Back to School Day out!  We went over to Peppa Pig World for the day which the girls love.  A fun day.

I thought in the week I say 'just a normal day' and think we don't do much.  So on Wednesday I wrote every thing we did down, and here's the list:

  • made a dress for squidgy thing (Tatiana's toy)
  • maths
  • sewing, cross stitch
  • morning tea, poetry Michael Rosen
  • reading practice
  • played ballerinas
  • lunch
  • played vets with animal cuddlies
  • Steve home
  • girls played dolls house with Steve while I worked
  • beach
  • dinner
  • watched an animal documentary
  • read stories
  • bed

Just an average day!  And I don't think we do much...

On Thursday Sophia and Tatiana played with Play-doh all morning, then spent the rest of the day creating and making from our craft supplies.  Friday and Saturday were more normal with learning time, beach etc.