Our Unschooled Week #73

Oh dear, I've really got out of the habit of doing these!  So what have we been up to this week?

On Sunday, we headed up to Ramster Gardens in Surrey for their autumn colour opening.  The trees and shrubs weren't all in full autumn mode yet but there was still plenty to admire with gorgeous leaves, mushrooms and toadstools, and even some flowers still.

The girls had fun wandering around, sometimes with her cardigan inside out in Tatiana's case, climbing trees and searching for suitable fungi for fairies.

There were also plenty of muddy puddles to jump in!

After a walk and a picnic, we spent plenty of time near out favourite tree and the beautiful Children of Ramster statues.

After it began to rain at Ramster - so much rain this month!!! - we drove up to my mum's for a quick overnight stay.  We were back home and ready to get started on Tuesday having a big pre-Christmas sort and tidy in the garage.  Only problem is we found plenty of things that needed to go indoors too, so now that's cluttered and needs sorting!

After nearly 6 hours excavating and rearranging the garage, we took five boot loads (and we have a big boot!) to the charity shop, recycling centre, and Steve's work.  And still more to go...

The rest of the week was mostly normal, with plenty of learning, talking and having fun.  We've finished our rainforest study and are moving on to woodland habitats and animals next.  Great time of year to start that one!

Today my good friend Charlotte came down to visit.  There was yet more rain, so we went into town to a pub that has a small soft play area for the girls to let off steam, then walked along the sea front to meet Steve from work.

After that we headed to The Range to ooh and ah over Christmas lights, then to a big local garden centre for tea and cake and more Christmas-ness.  If Lara had her way our Christmas decorations would have been up weeks ago!  There's already Christmas music playing in the car too...

Back home, there was some kitty love, and the girls took some photos of the cats and their toys.  All good practice!