Our Unschooled Week #75

In the current climate I thought it might be useful to revive these weekly insights into what we do all week as an unschooling family.  But rather than a day by day format, as there's obviously not much going out happening, apart from a daily walk, I thought it would make more sense to list what we've done this week, with photos.

Some projects or activities are 10 minutes, while others continue over several days, but here's a rundown of what we've been up to this week:

Worm Manor

Sophia and Tatiana made a special habitat for some worms they found, with everything a worm might need.  But Wormy and Wormerson, as they were named, decided going back into the earth was a good idea away from their 'perfect habitat' (spot the major flaw in the plan).

So the girls made some missing posters to put up in case anyone should find a lost worm.

On the Phone!

With everyone self isolating and social distancing, there have inevitably been a lot of phone calls to make!  Either I or one of the girls is calling my mum each day, then there are Steve's parents, his 94 year old granddad, and assorted other relatives, friends and neighbours to keep an eye on.  Busy phone!

Fashion Show

This is one of the current favourites round here!  Cutting up old clothes to turn them into outfits for cuddly toys.  This time we had pompom earrings and jewellery as well!  Lara even made some Japanese Geta for her beloved White Bunny from cheap dish sponges and strips of fabric.

Daily Walks

Here in the UK we can still go out to take a walk or other exercise each day, so we are carrying on as normal in that respect, from scooting along the sea front to daily nature walks.

And the opportunity to wave your hair in the sun to make octopus shadows!


Lots and lots of LEGO!!

Nature Walks

On our nature walks we are clinging to beautiful signs of spring and enjoying seeing all the beautiful flowers like these gorgeous Lesser Celandine with their sunny flowers and lovely heart-shaped leaves.

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The chance to get outdoors is making everything the rest just about bearable, although we do miss going to our usual places for days out and learning.  But spring definitely helps!  Loads of learning opportunities too.

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Making and Creating

Lara has been really creative this week and made this lovely small world play set out of a cat food box.  Lots of acrylic paint, and quite a lot of mess later, and she'd made this.  Perfect for farm animals to play in.

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Her next venture, with assistance from Daddy, was this annexe for her dolls' house.  It took ages but she is absolutely delighted with it and all her attention to detail is just wonderful.  So creative!

The Beach

Our other learning arena, the beach, is another destination in our daily walks.  We found all sorts of interesting driftwood this week and spent some time looking for and identifying types of stone from different eras.


 Sophia and Tatiana have been in charge of dinner most days this week and made a grand job of it.  The Cookers as they call themselves are very proud of their skills!

Easter Prep

We finally found time to get the Easter stuff out of the cupboard so have now decorated, collected some great sticks for our Easter tree, and started making some crafts and cards.

Lara decorated these little polystyrene eggs with Sharpies, perfect for her dollies to enjoy!


Some of the Easter decorations just happen to be in Russian, so that prompted a good learning opportunity and a long investigation into Russian Easter traditions.

Lara and I have played LUDO a few times this week, each round in a different language for numbers, chat and directions.  French, Italian, Spanish and Russian - not bad!


We finally managed to start some gardening and have planted spring onions, sweetcorn, carrots, tomatoes and lemon seeds.  Peppers, cress and some flowers still to do.

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