Should You Be Worried About Your Family's Exposure to EMFs?

We all love our gadgets and the convenience of modern technology, but have you ever worried about the effects of all that EMF exposure?

And maybe you're thinking, just what are EMFs and why should I be worried about them.

Well, read on...

We are all reliant on the handy conveniences of modern life, like our mobile phones, Wi-Fi routers, laptops and even our microwaves.

But few of us are aware of the possible health risks that this plethora of gadgets may pose.

If you are plagued by headaches, tired all the time, permanently stressed out, or suffering with other seemingly inexplicable symptoms, it might just be that the technology we rely on is actually causing them.

What are EMFs?

Electromagnetic frequencies are emitted from all wireless technologies including laptops, routers, mobile phone towers, smart phones, smart meters and our everyday electrical appliances such as televisions and microwaves.

If you imagine hammering at the same spot on a piece of wood, eventually the wood will get damaged.  

EMF’s work in the same way, in that they consistently and constantly send frequencies into our bodies which eventually damage our cells at a DNA level.

While many people don’t believe EMFs to be dangerous, some scientists question our everyday exposure.

They cite the lack of studies into EMF exposure, a relatively new phenomenon, and say there hasn’t been enough research into understanding whether EMFs are safe both to humans and animals.

However, the scientific evidence is mounting to show it does have some effect.  You can read more about these studies here and here

There is also a petition from more than 180 scientists in 36 countries who are calling for an independent task force to research the effects of EMF. 

Indeed, some believe this stream of invisible energy can affect our bodies without us knowing, and can cause a range of symptoms ranging from mild to severe.

The recognised condition is called Electrohypersensitivity (EHS) and Sweden has officially recognised EHS as a disability.

Symptoms in adults and children can include: nausea, headaches, fatigue, poor sleep, dizziness, skin rashes and even heart palpitations.

How Can I Protect My Family from EMF Exposure?

While the scientists may be split on this, it always makes sense to minimise our health risks as much as possible.

These 5 simple tips can help to minimise your exposure to EMFs as much as possible:

1. Use Your Smartphone Well

Put your phone down when not in use and carry it in a bag rather than in your pocket.

Use the speaker function or earbuds so you don't need to hold the phone by your ear.

Try to avoid speaking on your phone while travelling in the car because the smartphone has to work extra hard to keep a decent signal, thus increasing EMF exposure.

2. Unplug

Do you really need to be accessible 24/7? Take some time out as often as you can.

Aim to spend at least one whole day a week phone-free, or at least a few hours a day whenever possible. 

You could even take off on an away from it all family camping trip for a few days!

3. Go Wired

In our offices and homes we are surrounded by wireless technology.

Take a moment to switch off wireless devices such as your router, printer or laptop when not in use, and particularly at night when you are sleeping.

You could also use a timer plug adaptor so that these devices turn themselves off and on again at the times you set for them. 

You can go a step further by ditching Wi-Fi for an ethernet cable and your wireless mouse for one with a cable.

4. Keep Your Distance

If possible, locate your wireless router away from the areas of your home where you spend the most time.

Don't stand in front of your microwave when using it, keep your smartphone in another room if you have to leave it on.

Leave your phone in another room or at least 2 meters from your body (and especially your head) when you sleep. If you must have it on as an alarm, put it into airplane mode.

The greater the distance between you and the EMF source will significantly reduce your exposure levels.

5. Get an EMF Protection Device

As well as embracing these relatively easy ways to reduce your EMF exposure, we would advise investing in a Blushield Tesla Plugin.

What is a Blushield Plugin?

The Tesla Series Plugin is designed to protect both humans and animals against EMFs.

It does this by emitting millions of natural scalar frequencies for a few seconds every 30 seconds.

Our bodies resonate with the frequency of the natural scalar energy which enables it to ignore or over-ride the powerful man-made electromagnetic frequencies from WiFi, cell towers, smart meters, mobile phones, etc.

How Does Blushield Work?

When our bodies operate in this sympathetic resonance with the scalar frequencies emitted by the Blushield device, it can protect our body at a cellular level from the negative impacts of EMF.

Blushield is described as an active EMF protection because, unlike passive devices such as stickers and pendants, it actively releases scalar energy to ensure it is strong enough to combat the powerful man-made EMF.

This handy little device is perfect for homes and small offices with moderate to high EMF exposure and offers coverage up to 45m in every direction.

This 90 meter diameter area offers a stronger and larger area of protection for your home or office than many devices, including portable ones.

It promises to reduce fatigue, reduce EMF symptoms, promote emotional stability, help maintain a level of alertness, enable restful sleep and increase energy levels.

Does the Blushield Plugin Work?

While none of us had any obvious symptoms caused by EMF, we have all been a bit calmer and slept better since we have had the device. And I have had less headaches - thank goodness!

To be honest anything that promises improved emotional stability is worth a go in our house of four females of feisty Italian heritage!

Even the cats seem a bit calmer!!

As advised by Blushield, we did have some mild detox symptoms. Sophia and Tatiana reported a mild metallic taste in the mouth and I had a few spots which I haven't had in years.

We upped our water intake and stepped up the vitamin C to combat this and soon returned to better than normal.

So yes, I think the Blushield device has worked for us.

Did Blushield Work for Other People?

You can read Blushield testimonials from around the world, here are just some of them:

"My Mum has had debilitating headaches for years. We found out about EMF and did some research... We feel it has definitely made a difference." Billy G, Newcastle

"I have had fatigue symptoms for a very long time. I have tried alternative medicine... [but with Blushield] I instantly felt a difference. I thought it was surely placebo, but no, it carried on working and I honestly can’t say enough the difference it’s made to my life. My general happiness, I’m sleeping better and just feel a sense of normality. I can’t recommend Blushield enough because it was
life changing for me." Helen M, Midlands

"I bought and installed a Blushield in my office in the middle of town, knowing that there were lots of Wi-Fi routers near and a couple of masts. Once I got it I plugged it in and it seemed to make a difference. It took a day or two, but my mind cleared and I no longer felt stressed out, and it has been good ever since! I just feel better with it plugged in. I definitely recommend the Blushield!" Roger M, Doncaster

And as for me?

We can't do a great deal to stop EMF exposure and the onward march of technology, nor would we want to, but there are ways we can minimise and combat our own exposure, including this brilliant little device - we highly recommend.

The Blushield Tesla Plugin is available in 12 countries worldwide.

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