How To Set Up A Guest Bedroom In Your Home

Guest bedrooms are important, but it is more important to set up a guest room in the right way.

Most guest bedrooms are either too formally set or they are too informal, but the proper way to set up a guest room is to make sure everything is just right and not to overdo it.

Try to make your guest bedroom the cleanest, most minimalist of all rooms in your house with a touch of simplicity and class.

Follow these few tips to set up your guest room in the most effective way:

Keep it Simple
Guest bedrooms are meant to be simple yet classy, they should not look pre-occupied.

Plus there needs to be space along with all the essentials.

You need to decorate guest bedrooms with very welcoming yet calm tones.

Place some essential and comfy furniture that is both practical and user friendly.

Provide an Empty Closet
Keep in mind that it is not your room, so it has to have some space where the guest can unpack and keep his or her belongings.

Make sure it is empty of your things so there is not too much chaos in the room that might disturb the guest or even you.

Try to put some hangers in the closets to make the process more convenient.

Place Some Essential Toiletries
It is very common for your guests not to bring the essential toiletries, expecting that you might have them, or just because they forgot.

So place some basic toiletries in a basket and leave it in the bathroom or bedroom where the guest can easily access it.

Try to put fresh towels in the washroom as well, and perhaps some fresh flowers.

Fresh Bedding
Go for fresh and simple bedding as it enhances the whole experience.

It is advisable that you should place multiple pillows and cushions so that the guests can choose one according to their need.

Make sure that everything is clean, of course, but you can't put out new bedding every time a guest is expected.

Try something new at a bamboo sheets store.

Bamboo sheets are durable for many washes, they are environmentally friendly, antibacterial, incredibly soft and help to regulate body temperature as well.

For guest rooms, bamboo sheets are the best and most practical option.

Set Up a Coffee Table

Set up a coffee table with all the essentials and a note with all the must-knows written on it, for example the Wi-Fi password, important phone numbers and an emergency phone number.

Try to put a few snacks on the table so that your guests are more comfortable grabbing something to eat when they are hungry.

Don’t forget to check if everything works beforehand so that there is no chaos after your guests arrive.

Clean all the drawers and make sure there is nothing but a bunch of spare keys.

Put some spare blankets and pillows in the cupboard, just in case.

Place a water bottle and a few glasses on the side table as well, and you're good to go!

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