Easy BMX Tricks For Beginners

BMX is a popular hobby with young people, and it is easy to see why.

It is fantastic fun, it looks cool, and it can be a great way to meet new people and get around.

There are all kinds of impressive tricks to learn, which might seem daunting at first, but there are a handful that beginners can master with some practice and patience.

Manual & Nose Manual

A manual is one of the most basic tricks and a good place to start.

This involves riding on your rear wheel only by lifting the handlebars back.

A nose manual involves riding only on the front wheel, which is a little trickier and you should practice on grass first!

Bunny Hop

As the name implies, this trick involves jumping the bike off the ground so that both wheels come up. 

Technique is key here and involves pulling the handlebars back (like a manual) and then flicking up the rear to get air (this gets much easier with practice).


An X-Up involves turning the bars 180 degrees while in the air when you take off via a bunny hop, jump or manual.

The key here is getting the handlebars completely straight before landing - a few degrees off and you will crash.


A 180 involves turning the entire bike around 180 degrees while in the air.

This can be simple enough once you have mastered a bunny hop but be sure to start slowly so that you can adjust to landing backwards.

Hip Jump

A hip jump involves changing direction in mid-air during a jump, such as turning 90 degrees to the right or left instead of landing straight on.


If you are just getting into BMX then it is likely that you will be keen to get on the ramps at skate parks

These can be fantastic fun, but you do need to practice and develop a few key techniques.

This involves dropping in on a quarter or halfpipe, which is where you start on top of the ramp riding at a slight angle to the edge and then performing a bunny hop and angling downwards so that you “drop-in” on the ramp and can start riding at speed.

Try the brilliant BMX track at Stanley Park, Blackpool.


Now, the boring part. Safety needs to be a priority when learning BMX as it can be dangerous, and crashes are inevitable and all part of the learning process.

You need to have high-quality safety gear, practice on soft ground, and start off slowly.

Having BMX insurance is not legally required, but is worthwhile as it can provide protection from damage and theft with optional covers of personal injury, replacement hire etc.

Hopefully, this post will help you to help your kids to get started and master the basic tricks.

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