Why Personalised Gifts are the Perfect Choice for This Christmas

Christmas is a stressful time of year for everybody, for one chief reason: choosing which gifts to buy for your loved ones.

Sometimes, it can be easy – but when it’s difficult, it’s difficult.

A recent survey may provide you with a way out of your Christmas conundrum, though: nearly two thirds of the UK would prefer a gift with a personal touch than a generic item.

With the rise of online stores making, it ever easier to personalise gifts for loved ones, what makes personalisation so special?

The Theory

Personalised gifts are not merely a gimmick, facilitated by a rise in availability; there are psychological explanations for their increased popularity as a Christmas present.

For starters, personalisation has been creeping into other aspects of our lives – from the way we watch television to the adverts we see when browsing the internet.

Gone are the days of following the programme for terrestrial channels, or scouring vast catalogues for the items we want – they are more often handed to us!

A recent study by the University of Texas found that there were two key factors to understanding our preferences for personalisation: a desire for control, and an overload of information.

Receiving personalised treatment, whether from a gift or from an online service with metadata about you, centres you in your experience.

Your individuality is not only recognised, but also validated – and with that comes a sense of control. 

This individualisation also positions you in a way to understand the world around you better.

In the case of personalised media online, a vast amount of information is filtered away on your behalf to provide you with things that interest you, making for a much more manageable experience.

A personalised gift recognises the glut of generic products available on the market, and a filtration of those products down to one thing that suits you perfectly.

Gift Giving

Receiving a gift tailored to your tastes and preferences is always a meaningful experience, but leaps in manufacture and printing technology have made it commercially viable to get even more personal in the giving of gifts.

A vast variety of products can now be monogrammed, or even branded with the full name of their intended recipient, for relatively little cost.

Receiving something which literally has your name on it will always be a special experience – and that gift does not even need to be expensive or extravagant to make an impact.

Even something as simple as personalised Christmas cards from Card Factory can elicit that special feeling in their recipients.

The Benefits of a Personalised Gift

Of course, you don’t need psychology to understand the appeal of a personalised gift for a special someone.

They make great gifts if only for how unique they are; though they are more readily available, they are still a rare choice, and your personalised present may be the only one they receive.

Personalised gifts are also endlessly customisable, meaning you have a sure-fire gift idea for any occasion.

Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, they are memorable, and stand to be cherished by their recipients for time to come.

Personalisation represents a renaissance in gift-giving; as an option it’s always been there, but new technology and fresh availability means that you can show a loved one that they are important, in control and that you care, with ease.

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