What Are the Options When Losing Your Hair?

Hair loss can happen to anyone, and there are various causes for it. For a lot of people, it’s due to genetics or aging, but losing your hair or seeing it thin out can be distressing. While some people might be more comfortable accepting that they are losing their hair, others will want to find a solution to the problem and try to prevent it from getting worse – or even reverse it. If you are worried about hair loss, here are some points to consider and options you can look into.

What is the Cause?

Your first job is to determine what is the cause of your hair loss. As mentioned above, there are various causes for this, and understanding what the issue is will help you find a suitable solution. For example, if you are taking medication or having other treatments for a health condition, once your treatment is finished, your hair might grow back alone. In these circumstances, wearing a wig might be a temporary solution until your natural hair grows back. 

It might also be a result of stress, or you might be using certain products on your hair that are causing it to fall out. Speak to your doctor to discover what is the cause of your hair loss, and then you can explore some solutions to the issue together.

Specialist Shampoos

Your doctor might prescribe you some medicated shampoo to help promote hair growth, but there are brands you can buy yourself from chemists and supermarkets relatively easily. When using these shampoos, you might not see results immediately, but within a couple of months, you will notice that your hair appears thicker. The only catch with using these shampoos is that often you need to continue using them to maintain these results.

Essential Oils

Another holistic remedy you can try to promote hair growth is applying essential oils such as rosemary oil to your scalp. Lemon juice is also considered to help your hair stay healthy and encourage it to grow thicker. If you are going to use any essential oils, you will need to mix them with a carrier oil such as argan oil and then massage this into your scalp. If you would prefer to use lemon juice, you will need to apply this to your scalp about 15 minutes before shampooing. 

Hair Transplant

Sometimes the above remedies aren’t intensive enough, and if you are noticing significant hair loss you might want to find a better solution to the problem. Hair transplants are a type of cosmetic surgery that you could explore, and the benefit of a hair transplant is that it is considered to be permanent. While the above remedies can help, you need to keep up with these treatments to maintain the results you want. With a hair transplant, once your hair begins to grow back, it’s unlikely that you will have to return for ‘touch-ups’ – although this will depend on your circumstances. For more information on hair transplants, visit this clinic that offers follicular unit extraction in London.

Hair loss isn’t uncommon but it can be distressing for the individual who is dealing with it. If you are feeling uncomfortable about your thinning hair or bald patches, consider the suggestions above and see what your best option is. 

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