How to Make Your Property More Visually Appealing

Whether you’re looking to sell your property or just looking to make a few improvements to your home, there are several things that you can do to make your home more visually appealing.

From re-painting your house to simply de-cluttering the home, a few small changes can drastically affect how people view your property. 

In this article, we will go over a number of tips on how to make your property more visually appealing. 

Some of these changes are minor, and others require some hard labour.

Regardless, each of these tips aims to make your home look and feel more luxurious and inviting. 

Work on the Kerb Appeal

One of the best ways to improve the visual appearance of your property is by working on the external appearance.

The outside of your home provides the first impression for anyone coming to visit.

Some great ways to improve the external appearance of your property is by ensuring your lawn is well-maintained, adding flowers, bushes and shrubs, installing a new driveway, re-painting the outside of your home, and installing new doors and windows. 

You should also ensure your home appears clean.

This may involve ensuring all windows are clean and making sure your roof and eaves are regularly cleaned and maintained.

Take a look at your driveway, remove any debris, and ensure the area is always clean.

Check for weeds and remove them regularly. 

Re-Decorate the Home

If you want to improve the appearance of the inside of your property, one of the best things you can do is re-decorate.

Re-decorating the entire home can be costly, so if you’re on a tight budget, it may be worth re-decorating room by room as and when you can. 

We would suggest starting with the living room as this tends to be the room where you and your visitors will likely spend the most time.

Try to use colours that complement each other.

Look at the décor in the room and the colour of things like the couch and choose colours that work well with these items. 

Add New Carpets or Flooring

Nothing quite beats the feeling of a new carpet under your feet.

Not only does a new carpet feel luxurious, but it also vastly improves the appearance of your home. 

Again, it's important to look at the rest of the décor in the room and choose a colour and style that matches the rest of the room. 

Alternatively, you may want to install hardwood floors or another style of hard flooring like tiles.

Solid flooring is usually an essential option in areas with water, such as the bathroom and kitchen. 

Changing the floors in your entire property may be quite expensive.

It’s a good idea to update the flooring in each room as you’re decorating it as the furniture will likely already have been removed, making things easier for the installation and saving time. 

Install New Internal Doors

Old doors can easily become worn or may start to look outdated.

If you have cheap internal doors, this may also affect the overall appeal of your home.

Investing in some new doors can vastly improve the look of your home. 

Solid oak doors are a great option as these provide a gorgeous natural look – especially when finished with a natural varnish.

When choosing oak doors, you can also eventually invest in oak furniture to really pull each room together. 

If you’re on a tight budget, oak doors may not be the best option as they tend to be quite expensive.

If you want cheap internal doors, choose ones that are light in colour and match the aesthetic appearance of your home.

Ensuring internal doors are clean and free from damage can also make all the difference. 

Fix Up the Garden

The garden is another area that can add to the visual appearance of your property.

When it comes to the back garden, many people won't see the garden unless you invite visitors around. 

Hosting garden parties can be extremely enjoyable during the spring and summer months.

However, it's much better doing this when you have a garden you can be proud of. 

Take a trip to your local garden centre and invest in some gorgeous-looking planters and hanging baskets.

You can bring even the most boring garden spaces to life with the simple addition of some colourful blooms. 

If you want to go a step further, you may want to invest in some garden decking or garden furniture so that you have an appealing space to sit and enjoy the outdoors.

Garden maintenance is also important if you want to keep the area looking great.

This may be as simple as just ensuring your lawn is freshly mowed, and bushes and shrubs are cut back and kept under control. 

Replace the Front Door

Sticking with the outdoor theme, installing a new front door can have a major effect on the external appearance of your property.

An old or dirty front door is never very inviting.

If you want to make your home appear more inviting, choose a new front door that matches up with the aesthetic appearance of your home

If you choose a front door with some glass panels built-in, this can provide a lot of light inside the home.

New front doors can vary in prices from relatively cheap to quite expensive, depending on the style that you choose, so be sure to choose one within your budget. 

Keep the Home Clean and Tidy

Finally, if you have a tight budget, this can be one of the best things you can do to improve the appearance of your home, both internally and externally. 

Starting with the outside of your home, ensure there is no rubbish, dirt, or debris left lying around.

Hide anything away that may look unappealing, such as your outside bins.

Also, keep on top of weed maintenance to keep the outside of your property looking great. 

Inside the home, you should aim to keep on top of regular cleaning and tidying.

You never know when visitors may just show up, so keeping on top of your cleaning and tidying can take away any stress and anxiety that may come up when visitors come knocking at your door.

Plus, it’s been proven that a clean and tidy home can do wonders for improving your mental health.

If you have a lot of clutter, consider having a sort out and invest in some additional storage solutions such as storage boxes and shelves to keep everything looking neat and tidy. 

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