3 Things You Must Do in Lefkada

Greece is famous for its islands.

People from all around the world dream of spending at least one of their summers in one so that they can soak up the sun and relax while listening to the peaceful sound of waves splashing against the shore. 

Such a serene summer awaits you in Lefkada.

Lefkada is an island in the eastern part of Greece, close to Italy.

It is a place that will make you not want to return back to your hometown.

Lefkada offers such a wide range of outdoor activities that it will make the process of choosing what to do each day difficult.

We will try to help you out by listing 3 of the best things that you must do while you are there.

1. Swim in its exotic beaches

Lefkada is situated in the Ionian Sea, and it is known for its beautiful beaches.

You will be amazed at the exotic coasts and the clear turquoise waters.

You get to choose if you want to go to an organised beach or to a more secluded one.

It is impossible to say which beach is the best.

However, locals and tourists seem to agree that Porto Katsiki beach is a must.

There are some other popular beaches as well such as Egremni, Mikros Gialos and Kathisma.

2. Learn all about the dark history of the Cape of Lefkata

Cape Lefkatas is the southernmost point of Lefkada.

It is a promontory where white cliffs create a dramatic atmosphere.

Besides the breathtaking view, the legends that are connected to the place make an even stronger impression on all travellers.

It was believed that people were thrown from the cliffs in order to appease the gods and protect their ships from sinking.

There is also the theory that criminals were thrown from the spot.

The loss of human life does not end there as some lovesick individuals jumped from the edge of the cliff to the sea.

The poet Sappho and the goddess Aphrodite are the most typical examples. 

Nowadays, it is worth driving to the cape in order to see the grand lighthouse, called Doukato Lighthouse, which was built on the ruins of an ancient temple to Apollo.

You have to have a car in order to reach the spot.

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You should not miss this scenic drive to the lighthouse for the world.

3. Go hiking

The outstanding beauty of the landscapes on the mountains in Lefkada will leave you speechless.

In order to make the whole climbing process easier, you should hire either a car or a bike.

Then, you can have a great time experiencing awesome adventures, like climbing to the Elati peak, swimming in the Nydri waterfalls or visiting picturesque mountainous villages.

Whatever you choose to do in Lefkada, you are sure to have an amazing holiday!

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