Méribel is the Best Family-Friendly Ski Resort in the French Alps!

Looking for places to travel to with your whole family is a tricky business.

You have to make sure that there are activities targeted specifically at the group age of your kids but also that the whole place is quiet and at the same time entertaining, full with options so as not to bore your children. 

Thankfully, there are many family-friendly places all around the world.

However, every family is different and you need to test and check that your holiday destination satisfies the personal needs of every single member of your family. 

A place in Europe that offers excellent services and families keep coming back to it is Méribel.

This is a ski resort in the French Alps and many more families should learn about it because it will save their lives —and their holidays.

Here are three reasons to visit Méribel:

1. It is in the largest ski area in the world

The Three Valley area, or Les Trois Vallées in French, is known by skiers all around the world because it is the largest ski area as it covers over 600 kilometres of powdery slopes.

The Val Thorens and Courchevel ski resorts along with Méribel make up the legendary Three Valleys. 

Exploring this vast area will be a great opportunity to make your kids, and even yourselves, connect with nature.

You should book family ski passes on Erna Low so that it doesn’t cost you a fortune to get access from one resort to another.

Although you can buy your ski pass at the resort, it is advisable to complete the purchase in advance so that there is no possibility of unexpected events ruining your plans. 

2. It is the ideal place for all levels of skiers

It does not matter if this is the first or the hundredth time that you and your family have gone on a skiing holiday.

Similarly, it is totally fine if in one family, the ski skills vary.

In Méribel there is something for everyone!

To be more specific, there are 8 green, 25 blue, 7 black pistes and 2 ski areas where only beginners have access to.

Additionally, ski lessons are offered so both kids and adults learn how to ski in a safe environment and at their own pace. 

3. Quality off-piste activities are available

Skiing is great and all but Méribel has a lot more to offer.

Families can spend quality time together and bond by doing fun activities in the snow like sledging, snowshoeing, fat biking and so on.

They can also amuse themselves indoors, inside the warm facilities of the resort.

In Méribel’s Parc Olympique families can swim in the pool, dance in the ice rink, play bowling and have fun during themed events. 

4. It is a fantastic summer destination 

Méribel is open in summer as well.

Skiing may not be an option then, but you and your kids can admire the green mountains and wander around nature without the weather stopping you.

Many summery activities are offered like tree climbing, canyoning, bike rides, golf and tennis games. 

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