What Are Some Important Questions Related to Homeschooling in Australia?

Most people associate the idea of learning with a traditional schooling system.

Perhaps that's because they have little idea about alternative learning systems.

Schools help impart knowledge to children and build the basic foundation of learning.

However, they also have their limitations.

This is why plenty of Australians are switching to home-based learning programs.

According to statistics, about 21,437 students registered for home learning in Australia.

The number increased by about 20% in 2020 and 2021 for several reasons, including the onset of the pandemic.

There are several options for homeschooling in Australia, with various programs available for the purpose.

They are different in their teaching methods, flexibility in the syllabus, curriculum, and other related areas. 

Before selecting a particular course for your child, research is essential to choose the best program. 

Your child should receive all the help, guidance and specialist support they need in their educational journey. 

If you are opting for this learning system for the first time, here are some essential questions related to the topic.

Is homeschooling legal in Australia?

Yes, home-based learning is legal in all the states and territories of Australia.

However, every state government has varying requirements regarding the syllabus, so that is something you should check in advance.

The School Education Act of 1999 permits parents to take charge of their child's education during compulsory schooling.

Does the program cover the Australian curriculum?

Before you choose a program, it is better to check whether it covers the Australian curriculum or not. 

The Australian curriculum comprises eight learning areas: humanities and social sciences, sciences, fine arts, technologies, languages and physical education.

Is registration compulsory before starting?

In most cases, you must register with the education authority of the state where you reside at the time of providing home education.

For example, if your house is in New South Wales, it is mandatory to register children between six to 17 years of age with the NSW Education Standards Authority (NESA). 

A good learning provider will usually take care of the registration process and gather the necessary documentation.

Should you know how to teach?

Although participating in the learning programs with your child is desirable, you don't have to be a professional teacher.

Most education programs are prepared by highly qualified Australian teachers with the necessary qualifications.

Your child will receive all the instructions required to complete the learning activity. 

Can you start any time of the year?

One of the advantages of home learning solutions is joining anytime you want, even in the middle of an academic year.

Before starting, the program might ask you to select a Starting Term and add a whole year to your cart (since courses are primarily available yearly).

You should complete the full curriculum, as determined by the Department of Education in Australia. 

You can choose to do it by selecting three subjects per day or according to your child's comfort levels.

Are there tests or exams?

Most courses do not have compulsory tests or exams.

However, the programs provide optional quizzes that test your child's learning abilities and are self-marking.

The answers are also available instantly, letting the student distinguish the right from the wrong ones.

Although there are several options for homeschooling in Australia, you should choose one that covers the Australian curriculum, gives your child the flexibility of learning at a comfortable pace, provides the learning materials, and allows you to track your child's progress. 

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