Why Are Pigs In Halloween Cards?

Pigs are an all-time folk tale classic, no wonder they are featured on Halloween cards.

From the tales of the three little pigs to the popularized children's cartoon Peppa Pig, the gluttonous behaviour of pigs eating Halloween pumpkin decorations and even Piglet in the classic Winnie-the-Pooh cartoon have made pigs and piglets a common animal used for entertainment on screens and on paper.

Maybe that is why Rita Balducci wrote a book called “Halloween Pigs” for children.

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What have Pigs got to do with Halloween?

Halloween is a fun time for humans but not just for us but for our farm friends. No, not horses but pigs. 

These delightful animals love Halloween treats as much as we do.

Not because of candies and sweets and they may not dress up as Frankenstein for a Halloween backyard party but they love our Jack-o'-lanterns even more than we do.

After Halloween, pumpkin decorations are discarded and left for the chubby animals.

Some don't even wait till after Halloween to feast on your decorations.

Trust that if it is Halloween and your lanterns are sitting outside in the dark in an area with loose hogs, a family of pigs will soon gather in your front yard to enjoy their holiday treats too.

It's like trick-or-treat but for animals. They don't ring bells because the treats are already waiting outside the door.

Why Pigs are a Perfect Animal to Add to a Halloween Card

Pigs are not the only pumpkin eaters but what makes them a choice animal to feature on Halloween cards?

Here are our opinions:

1. Cuteness overload: Pigs are adorable.

2. Pigs like to eat pumpkins on Halloween.

3. Pigs are popular children's entertainment characters.

4. Pigs are common domestic animals. 

There are varieties of pig Halloween cards available for any buyer interested in getting them.

The adorable animals like belly rubs and cosy atmospheres. This makes them cute characters for our Halloween cards. 

Find pigs wrapped in orange blankets on a Halloween card.

Find some with pumpkins and some in witch hats.

Find some with cauldrons and some funny ones where the family of pigs are dressed in spooky Halloween costumes.

They are the cutest cards and best for children and elderly people.

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