3 Things to Consider Before Applying to US Universities

The United States of America has state-of-the-art universities that offer courses in multiple fields.

Due to the quality of education and subsequent employment opportunities, US colleges are popular among international students.

Students from all over the world come to the US for higher education.

Institutes like the American International College cater to international students and have a high intake of Middle Eastern students.

Planning your studies in the United States requires understanding the application process.

Several students miss out on studying in the US because they do not know this process.

However, you can avoid such circumstances by following this list.

It states all the information you need about studying in US colleges as an international student. 

1. Research and Clear All Prerequisites

Before applying to a university, consider the prerequisites you need to clear.

If you want to study in the US, start planning your journey in high school: take courses that meet the requirements.

For example, if you're pursuing a Biology degree from the US, you will need to study relevant biology courses in your high school. 

You will also need documents such as your passport, portfolio, and proof of funds.

Keep these things in order before applying, and ensure your passport isn’t expired.

You will also need letters of recommendation from your teachers, extracurriculars, and social work experience.

Compile these certificates beforehand.

It would be best if you also cleared some standardized tests, such as SAT or GRE, and language proficiency tests, such as IELTS or TOEFL.

These tests will require months of preparation, and the result announcement will also take time.

Attempt the required tests adequately before the application process starts.

Doing so will let you solely focus on other vital parts of your application, like the college essay and statement of purpose.

2. Know the Cost of Tuition and Living

The college costs for international students are incredibly high in the United States.

You can expect to pay several thousand dollars every year in tuition alone.

Besides tuition fees, you will also need money for accommodation, meals, and transport.

Most scholarships are reserved for US nationals, and international students face tough competition for their scholarships.

International students are not allowed to work full-time while studying in college.

They can only work 20 hours a week on campus, which does not cover their entire costs.

Ensure you can fund your studies in the United States before you start the application process or apply for scholarships in time. 

3. Adjust to Living in the US

As an international student, it is challenging to adjust to living in a foreign country.

You will experience homesickness and might experience culture shock, hampering your studies. If you wish to study in the US, ensure you can adjust to life in the country.

Call your family or friends frequently according to the timezone to reduce homesickness.

Consider befriending other international students from your country on campus.

Try your best to keep homesickness at bay and not let it affect your studies.

Studying abroad alone is an exciting yet terrifying prospect.

The US is a popular place to study for international students.

However, the lack of information shatters many students’ dreams of getting their degrees in the US. 

Make sure that you understand all prerequisites for your degree and are eligible. Find ways to fund your studies in the United States and keep homesickness at bay. 

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