Disney Princess Cinderella Cupcakes with Magical Mini Glass Slippers

Are you planning a Disney Princess party and looking for the perfect easy cupcake decorating idea? Her iconic look and timeless story make Cinderella the ideal candidate. If you're having a Disney Princess party, you must make these easy to decorate Cinderella cupcakes.

For special events with a princess theme, we all look to the masters of  "happily ever after", the one and only Disney. 

Disney princess-inspired stuff is ubiquitous, which makes prepping for a little girl's birthday, or a grown-up princess's engagement party so easy and irresistible.

For a celebration that draws from fairy tale endings, you can evoke the essence of Disney princesses with my simple Cinderella cupcakes.

Perfectly Princess Cupcakes

Cupcakes are fantastic for conveying a party theme. They are also ideal party treats because they are individually served. They can be so pretty and they taste good too!

So why not some beautiful Disney Princess-inspired cupcakes for your next party? And one of the most popular Disney princesses to model your party cupcakes after is Cinderella.

With her castle presiding over the Magic Kingdom, her iconic look and the timeless story make her the ideal candidate for your magical princess party.

If you're having a Disney Princess party, you must make these Cinderella cupcakes!

How to make Cinderella cupcakes?

This DIY cupcake craft is one of the simplest ways to transform an ordinary event into something extraordinary.

And I have found the cutest mini Cinderella-inspired glass slippers and little Fairy Godmother silver wands that are perfect as a topper on some well-designed Cinderella cupcakes.

There is another reason, I picked this as the main way you can spruce up your princess-inspired event. These cupcakes are an excellent cheat. They are so easy to make which frees up time for all the other party planning and setup.

You can make your own cupcakes or buy them. The important thing is that you get the required supplies and have fun!

Luckily, this little project does not require the magical aid of a fairy godmother to pull off. It just takes a small amount of piping skills.

A few props and some sprinkles are all you need to hit a home run on your Cinderella themed princess party.

Cinderella Cupcakes



1. Place the frosting in a bowl, add 1-2 drops of food colouring and mix well.

2. Place the closed star tip in a piping bag, then put the frosting in. Frost each cupcake in tight swirls.

3. Add a glass slipper on top of each cupcake and insert one fairy godmother wand.

Depending on how long your wand is, you may have to cut it a little shorter.

4. Sprinkle on the white sugar pearls, then serve and enjoy!

These gorgeous cupcakes are perfect for a Disney Princess party or Cinderella party!

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